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Family Guide 2019

Family Guide 2019

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Find out how many family tax breaks are available for your child (ren) and when and when you can apply for them. What changed for 2018?

Family Benefit Benefit 2019If you qualify for a Family Benefit Scheme greater than your personal income tax benefit, your health insurance contributions and retirement benefits will also be eligible. The benefit is for those with a declared job, So anyone who is on KATA, GYES, or GYED cannot claim it.

That is how the family tax deduction in 2019 changes

Similarly to last year, the monthly amount of allowances that can be claimed for two dependent children will increase in 2019, while the amounts available for 1 and 3 (and all other) children will remain. Amount of Family Benefit in 2019:
  • For 1 child $ 66,670 is the discount line, of whichFor one child HUF 10,000 per monthyou get to hand
  • For two children: 133,330 HUF (in 2016 it was 116,670 HUF) the discount is for children, it is a net 20 000 children (in 2018 it was 17 500 HUF), ie you get $ 200 more per monthlike those who don't have two kids
  • For 3 or more children The discount is HUF 220,000, that is, a $ 33,000 discount on adoul child kittens (which is $ 99 per month if you have 3 children)

Includes those who come after the family discount

With regard to the family tax deduction, another change was introduced in 2019, since January 1, it extends the scope of those who are considered to be cared-for children in their own households, so that the parents are entitled to family allowances, childbirth, or family benefits. In the future they are the children who are permanently ill or severely disabled who live in a temporary residential institution to meet their schooling needs are also included. Who counts as dependent dependents for the Family Tax Benefit?
  • The child who passes on the family pleiades,
  • at least 91 days old fetus (counting from the first day of the last menstruation),
  • the person who is entitled to the family barrels himself,
  • or a person receiving a disability claim.

Family Benefit Amount - How Can You Find It?

The Family Tax Credit is a reduction in the tax base of the income of the family (the total gross earnings), depending on the number of children. The family Dependent children may be taken into consideration for the purposes of determining the amount of family debts. Only after the child can the family tax benefit be validated, with respect to which the person liable for the tax is entitled to the family potters - even if the potty is not affected by any reason whatsoever. For example, if a family has one kindergarten child and two undergraduate children, the family is considered to be a child of three. So not all three, but only one child in kindergarten, can reduce the tax base, but then one ovis after the three-child quota (which is 220 000 forints), which pays less by 33 000 forints. (If all children were still dependent on dependent, for example, elementary school, the same amount would be $ 99,000. Even if they were the only students, the $ 66,670 net would be $ 10,000 plus you are deceived, as opposed to the $ 33,000.) If you are unsure of how much you can get, use the NAV Family Discount Calculator!

How can I get a family discount?

Written Declaration of the Person Paying Tax Payments for Tax Return or Employment Tax Statement (Tax Advance Declaration)the eligibility for the Family Benefit Validation: this is usually given at the beginning of the year, but in the event of a change, the month may be entered every month. If for some reason, or even for the full year, you have not been granted a family tax benefit, you can apply for a discount on the next tax return. Eligible for Family Benefit:
  • the person entitled to the family party and his / her spouse living with him / her,
  • the pregnant woman and the spouse living with him / her, and the family member of the child,
  • a child (person) who is entitled to a family bar,
  • individual in disability classes.
You are not eligible for the Family Benefit:
  • the head of the children's home after the child raised in the children's home,
  • the head of the social institution after the child placed in the social institution,
  • the correctional administrator or the head of the penitentiary institution for a child who is raised in a penitentiary or in a penitentiary, and is under child protection.

So you can redeem and share the family discount

Let's first make a difference between sharing and sharing. Both parties are eligible for Family Benefit, such as a couple who are raising dependent children in a household. Ha huh I would like to apply for the family benefit in the first place, then it should be stated in the tax advance statement as well as in what proportion I would like to register it. (This can be an interesting example if one person does not have the amount of personal income tax or contribution that can take full advantage of the benefit. is also bigger.)

Sharing is discussed if only one party is eligible and the other is not. Example: A mother's brother and her father's children "mediate" on the family's tax benefit, but they lose it. (Mid-term validation is set to run until the day of your election.) When you are left alone, you add the unique family butterfly (this is an increased amount), but you cannot request for these months. He will have a new relationship, not ask for the raised family party, and "share" the family tax and family benefit with his / her household and then with his / her new family. THE Sharing with tax advance not only can be enrolled in tax declaration.

How long is the family discount?

Family allowances, like family allowances, go all the way to the age of compulsory schooling, but if the child continues in education, Up to 20 years, and special needs in the case of children Up to 23 years keep the family's ticket running so the discount can be validated so far. Related links:
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