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Tracy Hogg's book, The Secrets of the Suttogou, is both tremendously popular and shared. Provides instant solutions to solve baby-related problems. For example, also in anesthesia.


The book has received both cold and warmth, and some believe this is a sure-fire way for the baby to learn to fall asleep alone, without causing little trouble to his parents. On the other hand, the method serves American needs and is not generally applicable in domestic practice due to different parenting principles and recommendations.Tracy Hogg For example, you think that breastfeeding and diet alternatives are the alternatives for the parent to decide which one they want to use, because in the end, both points are just as perfect. The WHO's international recommendation says something completely different about this request, but it is made public for those who do not want to breastfeed (and not for those who wanted to, but for some reason did not have), , according to such a popular and up-to-date nursery school book, the formula is just as good as breast milk. If somebody interprets it correctly and adheres to it, it will sooner or later be out of the diet. This is in stark contrast to the biological fact that as much milk as a baby needs to be breastfeeded and sucked as long as it needs to be. Of course, every baby (and even older children) needs a daily rhythm to feel safe, to expect the conditions, but also to know that the rhythm repeats again. baby sleeping is probably one of the hardest situation for parents, especially in the first few months. Somehow everyone pretends to be bathing in the evening, then breastfeeding, then babysitting for the night, at most once spawning at night, then fast-breastfeeding until morning. This is not really the case in the real world. The reason for this is biological and not the baby's personality. Unfortunately, or not, the arrival of a baby will completely upset the days and nights of the previous couple, and it is a strange idea that the baby will not adapt to the cheat. Unless a newborn is completely incapacitated alone: ​​he or she cannot express his or her needs accurately; nor are we able to fall asleep easily. There are some who need to read, others fall asleep on their parents, there are many who take sleeping pills and many other evening ceremonies can be performed. Tracy Hogg suggests that when parents go to bed, take the baby out of the baby and feed me, so probably night will be shorter or not at all and it will not wake up your parents. We just don't want to do this, but sleep, and only want to eat / drink sometime, but we are forced to do it when someone else needs it, not when we need it. irrelevantly not so unpopular in public Suttogу's Secrets Book and surely there are babies and families who fall in love with these methods. In a previous article, I believe but I don't want you to spread the public awareness that the child must be insensitive. "According to Ranschburg йltek. The recommended methods are designed to minimize disturbance to the child. This goes against the innate, basic needs of the child, because it is healthy for you to observe yourself, to be able to satisfy your needs. The parent is good if you do NOT want to educate him!
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