The bend is rapidly spreading in Ukraine

The bend is rapidly spreading in Ukraine

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In addition, the number of cases of bending in Ukraine has increased to 1,610 in the last week, most of them children, and by the beginning of the year, the number of patients has almost reached 17

The bend is rapidly spreading in UkraineAbout 14-20. Between 642 adults and 968 children were affected by bends in Ukraine. According to the most recent data published in Ukrainian news, the beginning of the year has been a total of 16,819 patients were affected, including 6850 adults and 9969 children. so far nine died of disease-related events, six children and three grown upSince the beginning of 2018, there have been 222 - 433 adult and 1829 minor cases of carp in the carp. Similarly, many cases of disease were reported in the two adjacent areas of Ivano-Frankivsk (2232 persons: 665 adults and 1567 children) and Lviv (2122 persons: 677 adults and 1445 children), as well as adult and 830 children), further down in the western Ukraine region of Chernivtsi (1113 persons: 370 adults and 743 children) .The Ministry of Health takes measures to improve , they also urge local authorities to do the same, he wrote in his briefing. The ministry assured that there were sufficient vaccines in all regions of the country. As of May 17, there were a total of 988,000 doses of vaccine in Ukraine and more shipments were expected. If there is no vaccine in any health facility, county health administration or health department should be contacted - the department warned István Grezsa, Responsible Governor of the United States in January, has given eight thousand doses of vaccine to the Hungarian government to provide more than 100 billion forints worth of vaccine.Related articles in bends:
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