Green pepper in the pelus

Green pepper in the pelus

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The summer is raging, and the shelves of the shops are full of nicely beautiful greens and fruits. Once our baby is half full, we can start tasting the new ones.

Don't be scared when the green pepper in the pelus comes back

At first, the child is a little reluctant to accept unknown tastes, and tries to push the delicious snacks out by tongues. This does not mean, of course, that the baby is disgusted by the sacrifice, but rather makes friends with him. According to his ancient eagerness, he is trying to eliminate foods that differ from breast milk. Do it in a professional language I lost my reflex nevezzьk. It takes a couple of days for the reflex function to return and the baby to happily taste the fruit juice or the grass with the spoon.


Several parents complain that the fruits initially cause intense rodents for the little ones. This can happen. This is why you first need to try a couple of spoons, and even if your child has eaten more, the dose should be increased gradually every 2-3 days as fruit juices irritate the gastric mucosa of the stomach.Foods, beverages with high sugar content in the intestine can enhance the movement, trigger starvation and diarrhea. That's why we need to gradually gain experience.

Totyogуs hasmars

For example, if your child does not grow apples or pears, he or she may still eat peaches, or if the family has pollen allergies, fortunately very rarely, the latter can cause abdominal pain. So, when you are eating fruits and vegetables, follow the rules of prudence and gradually increase the dose. Make a note of what caused the syndromeand talk to your pediatrician about their course.

No panic!

There is reason to be frightened only if it affects the child's physical development. The comforting examination of the belly, the consultation of a possible gastrointestinal specialist, was of no use to the exclusion of other diseases. In most cases, however, it is only because the first half contains a lot of fluids after its schedule. the digestive system must become accustomed to the dietary fiber, and for their transmission and processing. Adult stool develops only gradually, with room cleanliness. If the stool appears with peppercorns, corn kernels, do not assume that the child is suffering from internal damage. The remaining energy will be absorbed! If, despite careful pasting, we found a tomato rind in the sting, we should not think of the blood sting because of its color, and its nature. If your child is developing well, keep the summer open, but abide by the above mentioned precautions.Related Articles:
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