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That's why men are afraid of the father

That's why men are afraid of the father

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Respect for the exception, but in the minds of the men, there are some dark, dark thoughts about the future. Of course, this is understandable, with change always accompanied by fear, uncertainty.

1. I'm not rich enough

The kid's not fun. GfK Hungarians have compared a few years ago with an average of 30 million children spent on childhood from birth to university studies, so The average annual cost of raising a child is 1.26 million HUF. The numbers are shocking. Men are more and more anxious during pregnancy that they are not only killed by themselves, not only by their masters, and this is depressing in the first period. In this case, the excess counts with its expenses, incomes, loans, and tries to figure out the fatherhood in the mirror. No wonder you end up suffering for nine months, as they rarely give birth to a positive balance after such a division multiplication. Crap, insistence, smile, anything that can't be bought. However, monetary shock also has a positive benefit: many men get serious at this time, they think they are responsible adults, who finally understands that he can't get his monthly paycheck overnight.

2. Now I need to get serious!

The man, be it an old man, never feels too mature for fatherhood. They have no biological lamb, which is constantly ticking, and since the world dictates that it should always be young, men prefer to look themselves old. It is a man's task to face the fact of fatherhood in such an old-fashioned mood. he started to grow up, the motel hotel. Men in this hotel are always eating in the nursery in the morning to go to work, having fun with their friends in the evening, fatherhood sows. Of course, nine months is enough to process the truth, recover from the sadness, and eagerly prepare for the new life. But there are some who do not want a child on the grounds that the rhythm of the child will not be able to match football games. Let's just say that this man hasn't matured for fatherhood!

3. I'm changing my father

Men are shocked to see their friends change when they become a father. Many people during pregnancy become strange habits, for example, instead of the usual rock, they listen to the Bartók radio because their babies love Mozart. They will have cigar, dreadlocks and smooth short hair, and the swapped out sports car will be more like a family car. There's nothing surprising about that. With fatherhood, life has entered a new phasein which you claim a great deal of responsibility. Factors that have not been counted so far now have a special emphasis. What's in the neighborhood, is there a school nearby, is the air ... And the opposite is true: what used to be important - be wild and spontaneous - is not that much anymore. It is good news that men are the least desirous of being wild and spontaneous during this period. It is also an important question as to how they interacted with their father. Whoever was with him promises to do everything the same way; whoever swears by the exact opposite. Usually none of the versions come in, everyone finds their own somewhere between the two.

4. Do your buddies dare to cook?

One of the basic fears is that fatherhood is like going to a monastery. The end of worldly things. Then the party starts at the very first moment, since there is a better time to clap than having a baby? There is always something that buddies give birth to, so this concern is generally unfounded. Another request is that it is difficult to bury yourself in bed at night, that your baby is guaranteed to recover from dawn at dawn, and that it is important to wake up with a cold instead of falling asleep.

5. Will we still have sex?

Men like to bid among themselves. One of my favorite topics is how long we had to have sex because of the baby. "Six o'clock!" - cut one off. "Nothing! - the answer comes. - We were two years missed!" In the third shot, he says with a tab: "The last time we had sex, mammoths have been spanking the Earth." It's no secret that the couple's sexual life changes from the very first moment of pregnancy. This is what men generally accept, appreciate, and understand. It is also natural that things get difficult to restart after childbirth, but most couples get upset in the early stages. men's libido is also drastically reduced. They are so tired, tense and so excited that the last thing that comes to their minds is sex.

6. I won't be able to connect with my baby

Many choose to opt for ultrasound at week 13 and week 18, where the gender of the baby can be revealed. This is when most men can first look at the growing belly as where a little man really is. The invisible words of the doom begin to weave by then, but of course many still cannot imagine that they will once have a child in their hands. his smile, his cock. But there is one who gets shorter, so he feels like he has come from another planet, so he behaves with his own child as if he were lonely. The reason he recently mentioned the little father-in-law is mainly because the father is afraid that he will not be able to bond with his child. The miracle may break. The baby smiles when the man responds, calms down, falls asleep on the shoulder ... and no one understands what was there to worry about.

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