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More and more are going to church school

More and more are going to church school

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As the number of students studying in state institutions continues to decline, more and more children are attending church or private school.

More and more are going to church schoolIf we compare the current situation with data from the early 90s, we estimate that even in the 1992/1993 school year, 1.07 million elementary school students have enrolled in public education, down from 609,000 in 2017. By the '90s, the number of children enrolled in private and church-based schools has increased significantly, 300,000 fewer children go to primary school today than 25 years ago- Indicates index using data from the Education Office. The reason for this is the decrease in the number of births and the decline in poverty.
Ratios have also changed dramatically: in 1992, 1.07 million children attended state schools, 11.2 thousand at church, and 2,500 in private care institutions. Last year, a total of 735,000 students studied, 609,000 went to public, 18,000 went to private institutions, and 107,000 went to church. there are ten times as many who go to church schoollike 25 years ago. The number has steadily risen since the change of regime, but the biggest jump came after 2010. THE Amendments to the 2010 Public Education Act lehetхvй made to цnkormбnyzatoknak those who бtadjбk iskolбkat due to the financial problems of egyhбzaknak not have the korбbbi gyakorlattуl eltйrхen egyhбzi цt йvig kiegйszнtх tбmogatбst fizetniьk but kezdхdхen the бtadбst kцvetх tanнtбsi йvtхl the kцzponti kцltsйgvetйs pay the kiegйszнtх tбmogatбst. It appears that the number of students enrolled in elementary schools has doubled since 2010. The number of churches in the poorest regions is the highest. ever there are several settlements with only a church school. This situation raises the question of access to a globally neutral education.Hermann Zoltбn йs Woe to Julia in their study, we find that church schools in the poorer regions are primarily focused on students who are in a better position. And what results do students learn? Hermann and Varga, based on their 2015 National Competency Assessment, came to the conclusion that "private schools do not matter as much as they do in mathematics or in mathematical tests." they depend on school work, but learners from family backgrounds too. "Нgy a kedvezхbb цsszetйtelы iskolбban jellemzхen teszteredmйnyek even higher if the oktatбs minхsйge йppen like mбshol" - нrtбk.A kutatбsbуl also kiderьl that egyhбzi iskolбkba jбrуk matekeredmйnyei hasonlуak the бllami йs magбniskolбkba jбrуkйhoz, mнg szцvegйrtйsbхl slightly better eredmйnyt However, in the case of small secondary schools, the test results show that in grade 8, the results of students in non-public schools are significantly lower. Researchers say that state high school junior high schools have significantly better-performing students than private high school schools.
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