New Trend: Breastfeeding photos this year

New Trend: Breastfeeding photos this year

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Have you ever stopped breastfeeding your baby? Then try this new trend anyway! These photos without words tell you all about how wonderful and important breastfeeding is.

Photo: Instagram

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world. More and more mothers are adopting the graceful practice that transforms their daily breastfeeding routine into a cure. Commonwealth media are a #TreeOfLife a hashtag, wrapped in a heart-warming design "Brelfie"-that is, photos of babies who are breastfeeding- you want Fitpregnancy.You will need PicsArt to download the picture of the tree that you like best and save it for you. Afterwards, you can create countless variations of colors and effects. You can create stunning images of the intimate moment of the two of you, which will also remind you of the wonderful things you have given your baby by breastfeeding.Natalia Vodianova The supermodel is also taking part in the movement that is a breastfeeding. With your photo, you want to raise awareness of the importance of breastfeeding. An amazing picture of breastfeeding posted on her Instagram showcases the nature of love and care.

Natalia and her baby

But she is not the only mother who supports this movement. Thousands of moms have made their own brelfies on their own side, dressed in this special new trend. Did you freak out?

Photo: Instagram

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