Poisoned Mouse Syndrome: These are the symptoms

Poisoned Mouse Syndrome: These are the symptoms

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There is a psycho book in the English market that focuses on one of the most prominent features of our time. Its most striking symptom is: the person is constantly on the phone, on the net, checking emails, organizing incessantly, bustling, sharing photos.

Obviously you have already seen such a poisoned mouse, in fact, you might find yourself falling into this category. The author, Steve Taylor ego madnessis called a phenomenon, and he has managed to touch something very characteristic and widespread, because his book, the Back to Sanity - Healing the Madness of our Minds The top of the list went to the top.
Let's see what you got!

The poisoned mouse always does something important

Symptoms of a poisoned mouse

1. I Want, I Want!The person constantly drives for something: meeting boundaries, getting better, getting paid, newer and newer favors, status symbols, looking for a wardrobe, a trendy smartphone, a holiday, any car.2. Everything goes according to planIf you want to schedule a date with your pointered mouse, you have no light stuff full of months ahead of time. No spontaneous, lazy weekends, free breaks, lazy dinners, evenings. He has goals and plans, and you have a chance if you have them.3. You are always awayChronic elswhere-ness, as Steve Taylor calls it, is quite a paradox. because lots of programs for the poisoned mouse there is, one after another, no wonder if neither is really there, and he can hardly call his fellow men for undivided attention. While you are looking and watching, blogging, checking your emails on your smartphone, quickly typing two-word answers, you might as soon as you receive the mail, because you should .If it is official for weddings and other family celebrations, you are constantly photographing, sharing, posting, but not present at all, as you are watching the evolution of bodies in the middle. There are no blankets when you just look at nothing. Train, travel, red light, check in anywhere, anytime: Catch the smart, see emails, surf the net, tweet, share, organize, comment.4. Thought disorderIt also follows from this extraordinarily wide range of activities that the poisoned mouse is actually nasty chaos prevails. Egйszen not think of anything systematically vйgig utolsу moment, there are zseniбlis цtletei, megйrzйsei йs vнziуi elsхrangъak but hiбnyzik szьksйges the megvalуsнtбshoz megfontoltsбg, lйpйsrхl lйpйsre haladбs.Йppen ezйrt often ingerьlt, mйrges the tцbbiekre who can not keep her lйpйst, йs megdцbbennek when they get big tasks two minutes before the deadline. What's up? Are you a poisoned mouse? Or are you on the way to getting it done?

Success book for marked mice

Wax for the health of the souls

Steve Taylor finds the solution to stopping ourselves from the chronic end of the world, to constantly try something new, to search for new stimuli, to click on new links in the virtual space and in the real world. In other words, it suggests different methods for getting your thoughts going: - Turn off your light, your sources of noise, do not look at the net for a while, and pay attention to your part of the day. in thought, we go elsewhere. This is also an opportunity for us to practice partner watching. It's a good idea to turn off or mute your cellphone for this time. - Sports also do a great job of releasing extra energy. Running, the monotony of running, helps keep your mind tidy, and a more sophisticated, fatigued fitness method just like sex: you have to be completely there before you can do it. The dance is a good solution because you have to pay attention to it, either for choreography or for the partner, there must be hundreds of them. And yoga helps you to relax as you focus on certain parts of your body, the precise execution of certain movements, and the body sensations that a particular yoga practice awakens in you. You can use all that is spent in sensing harmony.- Pay attention to the power of who you talk to, what you do, what you spend. In this case, try to exclude all other things from your mind.- When eating, pay attention to the food and do not worry about anything else. Don't read, don't phone, don't look at emails. Give your meal to food, enjoy it at rest. This kind of distracts you from being at the center of your own and your own well-being, your own interest.
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