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Dangerous conceptions?

Dangerous conceptions?

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There is an increased risk with the new, third-generation birth control pills - health professionals warn me.

The risk of developing an embryo is almost twice as high as the top 20 antibiotic pills of the past year, according to the Barmer GEK, which was recently published in Berlin for a few patients.
"Second-generation, proven pills are applicable, but with subsequent conception, the risk of the embryo is much greater and difficult to estimate," the study noted Gerd Glaeske, a fellow at the University of Bremen.

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We know there is no ideal method. This is also acknowledged by request specialists, as we cannot talk about perfect security or perfect defragmentation. Illustrate that a lot of complex factors based on hormone regulation will lower all levels of synthetic hormone levels every day, or that . As more and more experience has accumulated over the past decades about cases and constitutional conditions that have sometimes led to serious (sometimes fatal) cardiac events, The ideбlis tablettaszedх not tъlsъlyos, not unknown eredetы vйrzйszavara, rosszindulatъ tumor, hormonбlis rendellenessйge, no visszйrbetegsйge high vйrnyomбsa, szнv-, mбj-, vesebetegsйge, kуrelхzmйnyйben not included tromboembуliбs betegsйg (vйrrцgkйpzхdйs kцvetkeztйben fellйpх kуros often йletet veszйlyeztetх бllapot) йs each szemйszeti nor diseases. Women who have smoked more than thirty years, those with diabetes, epilepsy, people with severe migraine, and those with certain gynecological and immunological risks are at risk. Patients should be discontinued if surgery is to be performed or if they develop a disease that requires the patient to lie down for several weeks. It should also be borne in mind that low-hormone pills require a disciplined, accurate (no matter whether taken at dawn or evening). If you forget to take one day or if diarrhea, vomiting, drugs (anesthetics, sedatives, antibiotics) interfere with absorption, you may not be able to use effective and other remedies for that cycle. If you choose the pill carefully, you should only accept the prescription after a medical examination and detailed discussion.


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