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Beware, the games can get easy!

Beware, the games can get easy!

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Perhaps you have already wondered about the astonishing information on how the spit on the drink glass can get moldy. Everyone was horrified at it. Well, we still have a bad voice ...

Also pay attention to the games!

Recently, a very popular player from the world found out the same: the spinach (Sophie) giraffe is not safe either. Several mothers have indicated that there are molds inside popular toothless toys - reports Dana Chianese mother with two children, pediatric dentist. Х discovered the startling fact when he started cleaning the game. There was a hole in the rubber giraffe that had noticed a smoky smell. Out of curiosity, he played the game and then faced a terrible thing. And the little ones laughed at this moldy, fun game to relieve toothache ... And in the days, another study was published analyzing the dirt inside the rubber duck. Researchers have found that deposits also contain bacteria that can cause serious eye infections. The toys were so stubborn in spite of the fact that the mother had cleaned them according to the rules: hot, soapy water, damp sponge, and never immersed it in water.

That's what Sophie looks like

Because of the mold in the games, you should not panic, and generally not a problem. However, if a child is allergic, he or she may develop symptoms such as cough or itchy eyes. What can be done to prevent molds? The only way you can you always clean and dry it thoroughly games like rubber giraffes. Clean rubber and plastic toys with hot, soapy water. Then soak them in vinegar water for 5 minutes, then rinse and let them air dry.

How often do I need to clean my players?

If you use a mold-prone game every day, you might want to disinfect them once a week. And never leave them immersed in the aforementioned 5-minute vinegar pot!

What can be done?

Today's Parent gives you additional tips to avoid getting moldy. Make sure you are in the water when bathing you only give your child a toy that is really designed for the water. You may also be able to fix a hole in the bottom of the game. This way, it won't make a big noise when you're kidding your child, but it will still have the same fun and games. Last but not least, it's safe. They may also be interested in:
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