Why is this kid not listening to me?

Why is this kid not listening to me?

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There is no more anxious situation in Szekler than when we are giving birth to a child, but he does not move his ear stick or ignore us. What could be the reason for this? And how can you solve the situation without shouting or quarreling?

Because you can't hear me.

At times, the simplest explanation is correct: it may happen that the little one is so immersed in some activity that he does not hear what we are telling him. It may also be that you are just running or shouting from another room, and this is a number of "background noise" that can be safely eliminated.
Megoldбs: Sit, kneel or squat beside your eyes, look into your eyes and tell us what you want. So you can be sure that you will hear your voice - whether or not you do what you ask it to do.Why doesn't the kid listen to me?
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Because he doesn't want to.

Adults may also be unaware of a problem from time to time, since they may not even have to deal with it, and sooner or later "think" of themselves. Why would this be with children? It is not in the background that they are evil, malicious, and wanting to deceive us, but rather because of the conflicts that exist within us. We know and understand exactly what we want, but they still play better.
Megoldбs: Accept their senses and show empathy! Let's help them say that they are disappointed or sad, and that is why they have to stop doing fun activities. This is to acknowledge that what they are feeling is important and that it will have a positive long-term effect, for example, the child will be much more cooperative!

Because he didn't write.

It may be easy for our child to simply not understand what we are asking for. Perhaps because it is too complicated to write, or is there a lengthy comment following the request? Especially the smaller ones can be a problem if we try to give too much information.
Megoldбs: Let's use fewer words, make it clear, leave the commentary shorter.

Because it stretches its borders.

Parenting is terribly anxious for a child to really do what we ask him to do, but he is really about a completely normal and healthy behavior. Small children should learn to express their will by showing the opposite and showing that they are tired.
Megoldбs: Make a choice and give your child the choice! So they can feel saddle, and we can move on. Of course, do not get hot and the fact that you have to decide between two things is not a matter of debate.

Because it focuses on us.

It may not be an activity that we, as adults, seem to have much interest in, but surely it is for our children! If they are disturbed by a request or instruction, they can be just as nervous as if they were disturbed by an important job.
Megoldбs: If you can, wait until you finish what you're doing. If this is not possible, give him time to "adjust", for example, by letting him know he has 5-10 minutes (maybe you can put the url on).

Because he was tired.

As bedtime approaches, it becomes harder to understand with a child. The reason for this is simply that by the evening they can be overwhelmed with information and conditions that they are unable to listen. Your self-control ability will also deteriorate, so you will not be able to follow your instructions. Add to that, by the evening, parents are tired of losing their anxieties much sooner.
Megoldбs: Nothing happens if you adjust your expectations a little bit to the situation and accept that your child may need more help, nausea, and support.

Because you don't know the rules.

No matter how promising and well-educated a child is, it can sometimes get you into a situation where you "forget" the rules or just don't know how to expect what to expect. And if our expectations are completely contrary to what he wants to do, then it could be a debate…
Megoldбs: Let's get the baby ready, clarify the rules, and tell us what to expect. You may forget or try to disagree with them, but if you are warned that this is what we discussed earlier, it will be easier to co-opt. Let's turn to the facts instead of yelling and snapping!

Because you need a closer relationship.

When we ask for something from our child, he or she must put aside his or her own desires and act as we expect them to — that is, to make us happy, to praise, to be stronger. However, this is more difficult when the child does not feel that he or she is in close contact, that he or she loves to be safe.
Megoldбs: Before asking and making sure that your child is "loaded with love"! It may have been a difficult day in kindergarten, school, more fun, fun, social games. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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