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A scary phenomenon during cesarean section is the tremor

A scary phenomenon during cesarean section is the tremor

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Before I was born, I thought I was fully prepared, I can't be surprised. I read the books they were offered, went to a birth preparation class, and my friends also shared a lot of small details with me. However, one thing they forgot to mention.

Also, be prepared for the inconvenience of cesarean section

I was confident when I was pushed into the office, full of blood - a mother shared her senses with readers of I knew the process of cesarean section, I knew how much time it would take. My baby was born. Then came something I didn't count on: a remegйs.No one warned me to tremble. And I'm not just talking about a little shiver, my whole body was shaking. Fortunately, I don't remember sensation very well - endorphins certainly work, and clear bad memories from the memory - but I'm afraid I couldn't say a sentence, my teeth were shaking so much. The whole thing only lasted for one night, but it was unpleasant. When I was expecting my second son, I knew I was going to be alive again after my surgery. But my body was prepared for something different this time. As soon as I got the spinel anesthetic and laid it down, I started to get cold. I asked the staff to take the room temperature higher. My boyfriend was born that there was nothing wrong with the temperature, he was so hot that he was sweating. Before I could answer anything, my body began to tremble uncontrollably, I couldn't control myself. It might be because I knew ahead of time that it was going to be and I was extremely nervous, but maybe because of the pain. It never comes out. But I'm very sorry for the doctor because he covered my upper body with a thick blanket. So I felt a lot better already. But when I took my second son in my arms, I didn't think much about shaking. Surely you will be with him. But I warn you, if you haven't already done so: you may tremble in and out of surgery. Tremors are completely normal, so your body is restored (in my case, it's more prepared), you don't have to worry about it. Unless you have fever. And so, remembering the gold is the least memorable when you can put your baby first on your breast and breastfeed.