So entertain the toddler at Christmas

So entertain the toddler at Christmas

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A nice holiday for Christmas - we bring the family together, set up the tree, then refresh it, fix the apartment, cook and cook ... It's hard to have a toddler who's not sure what to do.

However, with the following activities, you can get your child involved in Christmas preparation so that they can have fun too. Even common traditions can develop inside them!

Karcscsony roasters

Bake cookies together! Let them squeeze out the shapes or even create with their little hands! Children love all the activities in which they can use their hands, and at this age, the tactile to discover and learn about the world around them is even more important.

Christmas Plasticization

Make homemade plasticine, we have more recipes for this (like classic sourdough and glittery dessert). Use red and green food colors to get festive plasticity in color. You can play with it to improve your child's creativity.


Use the honeysuckle form, draw it on a cardboard and cut out the pattern. You can decorate this shape the way you want it to be: you can draw on it, or color textiles and buttons on it (these will only be published under close supervision!) Your favorite pet can be a wooden décor.


Add some fragrance to your watercolor, for example, there is aroma so that your child can use not only tactile but also smell as well. Have fun with the fun of Christmas time in the middle of Christmas

Decorative Decal

Decals or stickers are a great source of light collage for toddlers to lighten up. Of course, don't be alone again this time! These décors, however, are not just on the tree, but they also look good on the door and window.

Sugar Shop

Get your saliva candy on top of the toddler! This will probably be your favorite Christmas activity, but you should keep an eye on each other so that not only the empty candy candy ends up on the wood.

Müzli garland

Make cereal flakes, breakfast cereal color, and last but not least, edible salami. Be careful with the needle, and no one will be hurt at all if one or two eyes fail to fulfill the garland of raw materials.

Papnr garland

One of the biggest advantages of the Christmas papery garland is that only imagination can limit its length, color and shape. Of course, being a toddler would be difficult to create on its own, so it wasn't too close to close supervision. Once you are ready, you can tempt it, hang it on a window, furniture, chair and of course you can decorate it with Christmas. More Christmas Activities:
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