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Parents who are staying with a sick child at the hospital cannot ask for money

Parents who are staying with a sick child at the hospital cannot ask for money

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According to Commissioner László Szélik, Fundamental Rights, sometimes there are serious concerns about unjustified restrictions on the conditions of parenting with children in hospitals, and it is therefore unreasonable to ask for a fee.

Parents who are staying with a sick child at the hospital cannot ask for moneyThe Biztosбnak Alapvetх Rights Office tбjйkoztatta kцzlemйnyben MTI arrуl that the Commissioner felkйrte human erхforrбsok miniszterйt, rцgzнtsйk the felnхtt korъ kнsйrхk kуrhбzi benntartуzkodбsбt biztosнtу rйszletes szabбlyokat, children fekvхbeteg ellбtбst nyъjtу egйszsйgьgyi intйzmйnyekben the felnхtt kнsйrхk mйltу elhelyezйsi kцrьlmйnyeit szavatolу minimumfeltйteleket jogszabбlyban йs the conditions for the benefit of the exemption from the payment of the valuation fee shall be waived. The Ombudsman asked the heads of the affected hospitals to review the House Rules, violators of their practices.In 2010, the Ombudsman examined in a comprehensive manner the conditions and conditions under which we can provide access to children for hospitalization and other parents. The Commissioner today utуvizsgбlattal ezelхtti eight йvvel jelentйsben kezdemйnyezettek teljesьlйsйt the azуta bekцvetkezett vбltozбsokat considered бt, йs tцbb panaszbeadvбny nyomбn the current situation jogszabбlyi by elemezte.A vizsgбlat minimum standard hiбnyбban tovбbbra get egйszsйgьgyi intйzmйnyek dцnthetnek the kуrhбzi tartуzkodбs kцrьlmйnyeirхl, subject to kapcsolattartбs the may be practiced depending on specific conditions. But it gives a very tбg mozgбsteret the kуrhбzaknak to sajбt hatбskцrben the betegellбtбs zavartalansбgбnak fontossбgбra citing kьlцnbцzх korlбtozбsokat alkalmazzanak.Az Ombudsman rбmutatott: in 2010 formulated ajбnlбsok not teljesнtйse, valу the child continued kapcsolattartбs the benntartуzkodбs lehetхsйgйt biztosнtу the szьlхknek egysйges law kцvetelmйnyrendszer the elhelyezйs minimбlis kцvetelmйnyeit szavatolу finanszнrozбsi megoldбsok hiбnyбban sйrьl the jogbiztonsбg kцvetelmйnye and valу йs vйdelemhez children gondoskodбshoz joga.A jelentйs feltбrta that in addition to tartуzkodбs child, the child szьlх йs kцzцtti continuous kapcsolattartбs not right kцthetх medical engedйlyhez, kivйve a rendkнvьli situations, such as the laws. The Commissioner emphasized: cannot be paid for, even if the parent does not require a rental fee, a higher level of service than, for example, linen or separate rooms. The lack of a minimum standard for non-cash parenting conditions is an obstacle to this eligibility. The Commissioner megбllapнtotta: ellentйtes the tцrvйnyi rendelkezйsekkel if the kуrhбzi hбzirendekben engedйlyhez, tйrнtйsi dнj fizetйsйhez kцtik the szьlхk benntartуzkodбsбt.A jelentйs rцgzнti that egyenlх bбnбsmуd kцvetelmйnyйt sйrti the apбk йs mбs fйrfi hozzбtartozуk complete or rйszleges kizбrбsa the kуrhбzi benntartуzkodбs lehetхsйgйbхl.
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