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Gun toys in the hands of boys? Guns and bandits

Gun toys in the hands of boys? Guns and bandits

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There are a number of games available in stores that are incompatible with our pricing policies. Some are rifled by the rifle, the Barbie doll, the bank robbing kit. Not to mention the adolescent warfare game. Look at the boys!

My son was just pounding his best friend at the schoolyard when I showed up at the garden gate. It's like a lightning stroke. Is my child doing this? And generally, it goes to kindergarten jбtйkfegyver? When I took a closer look at what was in our hands, it turned out that half of the target throwing game was slightly modified. And his friend is the other half. I was surprised to ask your aunt what she said to the scene. He replied that it was time to ban the battle, but he was tired. If you don't have a rifle, a pistol, the Tüske can or will be able to do one in minutes. Not to mention their thumb and pointers. Or maybe cut it off?


I was not convinced, I continued to be hesitant, and even asked for account in poor school. So what God, I bought the first one jбtйkfegyverйt. A water rifle. Hell thought it was a weapon then, I just thought it would be super cool to water each other with it in Lake Balaton. The shock came sooner. I was still the most enthusiastic warrior in the water, but when the kid started firing at home and fired at anything, I was almost telling him, and what do you think! I realized just how immeasurable adult logic was. Can we see each other in the water, at home and nothing?

Vagyokn I'm your!

Of course, I am a believer in the world of peace. I never even bought a gun, rifle for my kids. Because it wouldn't have been good to give you that. But a wooden sword, a wooden shield, was going on, because how else would you have been a black-haired guy or Zorru? The mother's heart is proud of the mournful warrior, and happy to have a fairy tale about her child being identified with the good character.
And if you still want to dismantle this identity, he'll definitely buy him a wooden sword to work on at home. Then, at the end of kindergarten, early school age, the little guy starts slipping out of his mom's hands. He is increasingly wondering how he can occupy a better place in the hierarchy between his ovarian / classmates. To do this, you need to be cautious and not to be left out of the warrior games or minor or major battles. Luckily Mom isn't there everywhere. That's what the little boys play together.

I'm bad!

All right, let the kid identify with the guys, be it Zorrу and Jánnos is running, yes Anakin also (though you're unsure if you've seen all the sections ...). But is it good to have bad guys as their favorites? What about bankrablуs playmob? Either with numeric games in which gangsters are the protagonists, or just to cut down on opponents for no apparent reason?

Spectacular players

The main rule is already known: if you don't like it, don't buy one. If your child gets into the skin of bad guys without the proper toy, there is definitely a reason for it. You can talk to him or her about why the rabbi is doing this or that. Whether she thinks she's comfortable in the skin. Do you want to change. And you can tell me what you think about bank rabouls or roulettes. Don't rate, don't count, talk! You may know more about the secret, but it may not, because the child himself cannot determine where his feelings come from. Believe that they will disappear once. And believe me, if you do, you will be on your way.
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