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10 things that will miss your toddler years

Numerous things will be greatly missed during this period.

10 Things That Will Miss Your ToddlerBy being a toddler can be both physically and mentally very tired, and sometimes it looks like the age of 1-3 can last up to the ages. But whether you believe it or not, the yards fly away in a blink of an eye, And many things will be greatly missed by this period. The following is definitely the case!

Puffy hands

Children's bodies change a lot with growth, including puffy little hands. Formerly a cuddly little hand, a good little palm with tiny fingers - which always do things that you shouldn't - changes a lot if the little ones are bigger. The priceless reason is always sticky, but it is always so puszilgatni some hands they are going to miss me a lot!

Your little one's speech

The voice of toddlers and their first words and sentences are all admirable! As we leave the baby tongue out, they first begin to translate some meaning into the words - sometimes the ones they made - in retrospect, when your child speaks fluently, it will become more entertaining and it will also be a bit disappointing.

The hatchlings

There is nothing you can do for the little ones! When you have to keep rocking your two-year-old, you can feel it fooled, but believe me, you will once be so lacking in giving anything to do it again, at least once.

Common reading

Of course, the evening's tale doesn't have to disappear any longer, but it can't be compared to toddler night reading. In that case, the little one wants to keep the book for you, the images and their associated stories are much more fascinating to you than are actually written down in the book. In these cases, the story is much more of a talk, since you have a teddy bear in your teddy bear pants, you could talk to a little kid!


The day-to-day nap time is a really quiet, quiet time when the parents can calm down a bit - believe me, you'll miss it for a little while. Just like her tiny smile is always on her sweet little face, after waking up from sleep in sleeping.

Playground, parking

Like reading, this is also a program that remains the same, but has lost a bit of magic. For as long as children are young, all is new to their eyes, every wonder they discover! The childish, enthusiastic glitter in your eyes as you teach them a new thing in their public tours will be greatly missed!

The other mom

The friendships you make with other moms when your kid is still a toddler are really special there are many things they understand far better than say your mom or your husband. While friends don't have to break short as children do, family schedules give you much less time to get together.

Home favorites

Little kids can hold onto a plush animal in an unbelievable way - so much so that you pick it up over time that these little pets are just as important to you as your child, and you forget about it when you forget. And if for a while you lose your most important plush animal, you are just as likely to lose, believe it or not! As your child gets bigger, you will need less and less of your little barn everywhere - something that can miss a baby.

Music games

Indeed, the games that go to your mind in toddler years may very well fail in the latter. If a familiar melody is ringing somewhere when your kid is bigger, there are plenty of beautiful memories to bring with you!

They're all little worlds

The best thing about toddler years is that the little one's life is needed in every area. Food, Fun, Fun - each one requires the presence of a mom, your responsibilities are enormous at this time. As the little one grows up, you will realize how special your relationship was at these times. (VIA) Related links:
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