The chances of multiple illnesses are reduced if you give birth

The chances of multiple illnesses are reduced if you give birth

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Many diseases have a positive effect on childbirth: they are linked to menstruation and hormone changes, to cancer and to a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's.

The chances of multiple illnesses are reduced if you give birthSummarizing the results of several American studies, Health magazine found out the positive effects of having a child on the risk of developing certain diseases.


Reducing the risk of breast cancer and the relationship between having a baby and menstruation can be linked. In addition, the more times a person is pregnant, the smaller the effects of estrogen and progesterone on menstruation are. The biggest change is seen in those who are born before the age of 20, or who have five children, in which case the risk of breasts is reduced. Breastfeeding also poses a risk to breastfeeding mothers: breastfeeding breaks down during breastfeeding, reducing the risk of malignancy.


Dr. Ronald Alvarez According to your baby, the reduction in the number of menstrual cycles due to breastfeeding or birth control pills is also a form of protection against ovarian cancer.
At the same time, it is important to emphasize that birth does not mean automatic protection, as the genetic background is quite determinative.


Also, the risk of tumors in the uterine mucosa of the uterus is reduced. This is also explained by fewer menstrual cycles. Of course, having a baby or not having it is the only factor in the development of cancer, likewise important is our age, our diet, our lifestyles, our family, our family, our family.

Alzheimer kуr

Two-thirds of Alzheimer's patients are women, but the risk of developing a disease is reduced if a woman with three or more children is pregnant with up to 12 percent of those who have a child. The cause is also due to immune changes during pregnancy. The article also notes that, for example, childbirth has no positive effect on childbirth: each child increases the risk of childbirth by 11 percent. No one knows exactly what's the reason for this, but they suspect hormonal changes or changed eating habits (via Health.com)
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  • Maternity also affects the risk of Alzheimer's disease