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Born in a car, he was named after all

Born in a car, he was named after all

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Among unusual circumstances, a woman has brought forth such a great child. She was assisted in her birth by a 36-year-old female and an MTA officer.

The couple started off on a Christmas day with a minibus, but the little one decided he wouldn't wait for his parents to enter the town hall. Ivan, the father, seeing the state of things advanced, took care of the Long Island car, approached a tunnel (Queens Midtown Tunnel), and jumped out of the minibus and helped the Met. Lieutenant Harry Persad hurried to the aids, who, fortunately, also had health experience. The baby did not cry after childbirth, and no wonder the parents were very scared. After the lieutenant's advice cleansed his small nose and mouth, his breathing restored. After great fright, they finally made it to Bellevue Kurhaz, where the MTA officer visited the little boy and his parents.Image source: Bellevue Hospital's Twitter page Although there was a name in parents' minds (Aurora), children were named after their unusual place of birth for the excitement of Ursian excitement - to name them as a pseudonym Alie. (Long Island Expressway - L.I.E. - Alie) "A little miracle ... a great miracle," said grandfather Ivan Albarracin in an interview with the New York Post.


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