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Successfully selected siamese twins from stock

Successfully selected siamese twins from stock

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A pair of Siamese twins have been chosen by Austrian doctors, and twins born from the stock have a chance to be raised.

Successfully selected siamese twins from stock15-month-old Bhutanese twins have been selected from a bunch of Austrian doctors, and the surgery has been more than effective - the BBC reports. Joe Cramer, leader of the team conducting the operation.
Puppies born from the breed, Nima and Dava Pelden they were born face to face, they could not survive, they could, but only at one time. Some 18 professionals at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne attended the event.
The babies and their mother arrived in Melbourne in October, but the doctors waited until Friday for surgery, and the babies were trying to improve their health. The operating group did not know exactly what the children found. They successfully split their liver, but it was not clear whether our internal systems had a cross-section. Fortunately, there was nothing in the belly of the little ones that we weren't ready for. The next 24 to 48 hours could be a challenge, as we said after every operation. "
For almost every 200,000 births, a single twin couple falls, 40-60 percent of them live dead. Every year, only a handful of divorced operations are performed worldwide.A bhutan family has been funded by the Children's First Foundation, a charitable foundation based in Australia, to pay $ 350,000 for children ($ 71,000) per year. After successfully completing a similar life-saving operation in 2009, two Bangladeshi, Trisnat and Krishna were selected by one of the 32 most successful women in the world.
  • Another operation was performed by Hungarian doctors on the Sibiu twins
  • Only Hungarian doctors engaged in the selection of Siamese twins
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