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What counts as having a hard time?

What counts as having a hard time?

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Almost one-to-one disease is constipation. It is not a sickness but a symptom of cognitive and mental disturbance. It can occur in virtually any age group, and many people experience it only temporarily.

When can we talk about constipation?

Constipation is usually divided into two types: primary and secondary constipation. not a sickness, but a symptomIt's worth taking seriously. Secondary constipation is usually a condition in the back: a metabolic or hormonal disorder, possibly a nausea that occurs less than three times a week. case, the amount is less. Slow, cumbersome, and post-workout stays in full-blown exercise. You should see a doctor if your complaints have been relieved for a week, stomachache, blood stool, weight loss, fever, vomiting are present. It is common when the mood changes when traveling. Rather, the problem starts when the recurrence or recurrence of constipation occurs. Civilization sickness it affects harder the elderly and women. It may temporarily occur during pregnancy.Related articles about the problem:
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