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Sex after childbirth? You're in trouble, now a new woman and a new man are meeting.

Sexuality is important in a couple's life after the baby is born

Of course, from now on, you will always be three, spiritually. Even in bed. It is difficult to tune in to sex when you meditate on the child, the livelihood, the daily annoyances. Practice how you can wrap it in and out of your inner boy, that is, out of your consciousness.The lines of intimacy are also rearranged. Men often feel and slowly get out of everything important and neglected. What role does he now have in addition to bearing the increased financial burden? Intimate spaces are transformed as sleeping arrangements change. In the first place, the male libido does not change, but the woman can temporarily pause. Because of this, something bracketing that previously was very important to both of you is bracketed. Think about how good a orgasm can be! You recharge and remind your body of another pregnancy condition before pregnancy. But how can you make yourself want to try again without really wanting sex?

Get started now!

It has to move very gently, slowly during this exciting time, especially when it is painful to penetrate. Talk about it, do it both for you to be better, to love, to comfort one another. Fantasy, time, attention…Try re-routine weekly routines - travel. Whether together or outdoors - both can refresh your senses.Find out some surprises! Get to your workplace, secretly book a table in your favorite restaurant. Find your favorite music in the region and go home with it. Slip into a very mysterious and exciting message in your mailbox.Take time for one another! This is primarily a matter of organization and determination. Nothing matters as a whole family, and the relationship between the two is the foundation, the core, the core - so don't waste time. If this goes awry, everything else that goes a long way will go wrong. In the middle of the day, you can go to a wellness hotel, a holiday apartment, or even your own bathroom. The important thing is to tempt one another both physically and spiritually with new things. Don't start having sex the way you used to, look for new ways (sex toys, tantric sex, erotic massage, belly button).The "topis", the bad, irritated "mom" is not over. Just ask: What do you love about yourself? What image radiates from you? Find the beauty, excitement, and accent with new hairstyles, distinctive earrings, surprises, make-ups, and clothes that make you look and feel important. try it alone and together: what's going on with your body right now? You can either find your new erogenous boy alone or encourage your partner to do so. Discuss how touching your love is - you shouldn't be shy about it. If you do not have the desire to have sex with an infiltrator, make someone feel good to each other.It may be a fun night for your hotel to spend the night. The grandparents, the friends, kindly take care of the little one. It doesn't cost more than a better men's perfume, but it's much more memorable…Szakйrtхnk Master Duru the big good San Francisco Sex Information obtained sex education training from a non-governmental organization. He currently lives, teaches and works in Budapest to organize a series of discussion, think-and-practice sessions to help develop a free, unfettered, sex-positive outlook. Keep track of your work.Related Articles:
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