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What to look for when going to the beach?

What to look for when going to the beach?

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Infections, accidents, illnesses - there are many dangers to beaches.

What to look for when going to the beach?

Accidents and illnesses can also put those who go out on the beach, so be prepared for the risks that you are expecting - told InfoRabdi Torso Peter Home doctor, associate professor of Family Medicine at Semmelweis University. Of course, the biggest danger is drowning in the water, so we never leave a child alone in the water. Even if the water is shallow. Peter Torzsa, a home doctor, has also warned of the possibility of severe starvation if we fall asleep, wet stones can slip, if we fall, we may lose our skin, and we will lose water. Not only the elderly, but also the younger, can cause inflammation of the prostate in the water bath or wet stone.11-15 in the maximum range of our circles, use of fluids. We also have to wear warmer clothes, as the summer weather can be varied. If we are sick, we should not go to the beach, as other chronic illnesses may occur and more beaches can be infected. Everybody should pay attention to food and, of course, liquid consumption. Peter Torzsa also pointed out that it is not accidental to find out how long it is possible to stay indoors, to stay warm and to spend less time. "The thermal water is not good for the children, they should not be brought in!" The most common fungal infestation on the beach can be prevented by bathing in slippers. "There may be fatal infections, these can be prevented by proper vitamin supplementation." ъjraйlesztйst. "Every second you can save the life of a drowned man."
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