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Want to know how your man behaves on the game board? Are you playing with your child or just tapping your phone? Which one of your friends does you belong to?

Playful Daddy

Jу would know akбr velьk go, but you egyedьl this time hйtvйgйn is a small receipts: szйpen komуtosan you can kйszнteni the uborkasalбtбt the csirkepaprikбshoz, uborkбs pakolбst the бbrбzatodra to aztбn Elevating lбbakkal, szнvуszбllal shake szьrcsцlgetve relax able fйl уrбcskбt the bхrfeszesedйsre / megfiatalodбsra / regenerálуdбsra vvava. The other day, I was at a field trip and recorded the type of dads this weekend.

Your head is a jerk

It is located in the sandy and immediate surroundings. From there, you will recognize that your forehead will be overwhelmed as soon as you arrive, and that the palate of your eyes will almost be strained, which you will soon give yourself and He also talks to the games. She enjoys sanding a little more than her child. Yeah, well, really. It organizes education, and within a short time, six to eight educators follow its instructions. Seven-tower castle is made of straw, hanging, janissary. There will also be water in the pubes, the tuber carries it in Thomas's waist. Two turns with a jigsaw puzzle in the middle.

The comfortable commando

Typically a mid-daddy, a teenager, and a witchcraft child graze. The age is great, but good luck with that Julika since such a responsible big man, you can trust him Borikбt, who properly tests the nerve of his dying mortal father. He now launches the rocket and runs to the swings. By the time Daddy looked up from his cellphone, Boriska was out of his sight again. It would be nice to jump up and run after all, to take up space on the bench, Darth Vadert in a deflated style, teases Julik, "Your cry ran out of the beam. Hrrrghhh. Run after it and bring it back! Hrrrghhh. Now! Hrrrghhh." If you succeeded in capturing the target as someone who did the job well, is dying back on your phone.

The teddy bear is oblivious

"Don't sleep in! Don't lie in! Don't roll down! You'll be dirty. Fuck you. We'll get it from your mother. An average dad is usually insecure, one thing is certain he is doing something wrong that will be filtered down. She doesn't give her that dress, she doesn't bring that bottle, she forgets to Pistike we didn't talk to my parents, because the kid was kidding, he almost bitten Ferikйnket. fidget, can't relax, dare you stress this whole gameplay.

The loose layah

However, there are people who do not find it difficult to relax. Let's just say it was a night of sleep the previous night. It settles on the brush price, and an adult can easily spread it. There is nothing to bother that the playground is waiting to be used. Alibi puts a piece of his child alongside him, rocking along. They are very affectionate. Say, Daddy It goes to sleep in five minutes, the kid doesn't dare to move, or he or she falls asleep, after a hell, the playwright's office still feels a little cool: shouldn't they tell them that the swing is everybody?

The first-child couple

Beginner dads rarely bring their children alone to the playground. They don't have to run thousands more, for a birthday party, for a birthday party, for a race, for Grandma, maybe it's not too much for a few minutes spent alone, so two mom's are holding one eye brat, one is on the left, the other on the right is the glow of their eyes Whichever type your dad belongs to, one thing is for sure: if you take the baby to the playground to help his / her spouse, he / she will get a red dot as soon as possible. And if you don't do all this to get your mom ready for a three-day Sunday lunch, but to relax, then that daddy - either type - has a red star. But wait, why should play dads be inaugurated? After all, this should be a natural phenomenon. Hair, Dads, The author runs a popular blog called "Mysteries Blog", but you also find it on FacebookRelated Articles:
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