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Health lessons for preparing for a vacation

Health lessons for preparing for a vacation

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On Wednesday, departing for 2 weeks in Greece, before Saturday, the 3-year-old had a 39 degree fever. Three-Day Fever - I said, counting and hoping. On Monday, however, there was lame diarrhea, which became bloody on Tuesday afternoon. Now what about your vacation?

Health lessons for preparing for a vacation

Nightmare - Who do you believe? Who can I reach?

I started consulting with a specialist on Sunday, when the fever that had started on the previous duluth didn't go down in the morning. We thank you for your good friend, I called the experienced, cooperative and calm guardian. Apart from the fever, my soul had no other symptom, he was jovial, active. The wizard said Wednesday is far away, I have a low fever of just over 38 degrees, can go on vacation, let's see what happens. But since my boyfriend is worried and I wanted to be sure, I called our own pediatrician could not call me on the weekend.) atott also reassured that by far Wednesday, he said something would go wrong, if the child cleans it, the fever could We can leave it above 38 degrees, let your organization work against laughing. Since my character was still a jerk, she ate well with her mouth and didn't open her mouth, so I took the advice. The doctor also dictated 2 homeopathic remedies, and my brother bought them from the ward. then we get medicine, so we can go on vacation.

Monday - contradictory opinions

The morning pee cow went into a well-washed glass, and in the morning I called our own pediatrician. We were given time, my brother took the body, who had a thorough and cheerful examination of the doctor. According to the doctor, the child, My son took the urine to the lab and my baby back home. My son has travel insurance, and my son, especially with regard to the situation, is in the highest category. If you need medical attention, you will be covered. (And, as a member of the European Union, there is just as much coverage, so I was reassured.) Dulutn comes from asking to go he has diarrhea. That's when I started to get a little bit hesitant. 48 hours to go to vacation.My husband went to see the urine test results, it was almost okay, everything meant normal, they did not star anything. , and I reported.Lots of fluids, resting, waiting - that was the answer from both of you. Although we could have done it sooner, we have recommended taking probiotics. There was also a couple of ampoules at home, my husband brought the refill from the pharmacy. You should also drink a remedy for diarrhea, which - even if it is nutshell - has a very soggy taste; is possible.Your three-year-old can protest quite effectively if we want to put something in his mouth, but he is blackmailed (if you do not drink, you can not see Strawberry or we go on vacation), for this you heal, help on the tummy), with the help of half the dose (by folding the bed, covering the baby with a textile pad, strangling the two arms, pushing the syringe into the mouth). The other half blurted out. Fine gray spots everywhere - luckily I covered everything that could not be washed or washed down. The flame was always between 38.5 and 38.8, but it was always lower (at least) . At night I put a rubber sheet underneath the plain sheet and tucked the diaper onto my body. He protested very much, but he finally settled on the situation. There was also a need for pelus, I had to change twice. We didn't have a good night's sleep.

Tuesday - The situation is getting more and more frustrating

I had my last day at work, plus a half-day meeting, and lots to finish with something. Tünnde was still hot, and now it is a bit cramped: said he didn't want to go on vacation, he didn't take homeopathic balls, he didn't want to drink either. Leave it at home, leave it bleak, it doesn't want to heal - he said, or rather. The hopping jumped, the blackmail came. Lovely hello, goodbye, bread - we were up to it, and my husband just convinced me to get healed. So he took the probiotic (which is nonsense), but the anti-diarrhea powder was dictated again in the morning, just like yesterday. According to the doctor, my baby is not drinking enough and needs to be taken to the hospital on the morning of the next morning. We told her to leave the next morning - but she insisted on the procedure, so my husband went. When he took over, he made a strong message that if he had to cancel his trip, he would keep a medical certificate so that we could try to get the money paid back. Every 15 minutes, I tried to concentrate on every little detail in the editorial staff. when we hit the road. Of course, the health of the child is the main thing, nothing is a thing of the past, but it does not seem to be a major illness at all, all indications are that it is a common viral something that causes diarrhea. it is my right to question the point of the pediatrician in the community, as I believe it is an overreaction to diarrhea. If we didn't travel before, we wouldn't do that much catching a virus. There will be so many times.All medicines, we will be very attentive, drink, relax, eat food, quench the high fever, and make sure that the child's body is first and foremost that since my condition is generally still good, there is no pain, no excitement, no quenching, no other symptoms due to diarrhea don't postpone it the paid two-week trip. My boyfriend and pediatrician said that by the time we unpack in Greece, diarrhea will disappear. The pediatrician offered two homeopathic remedies, although they were a bit difficult, but they were still purchased that night. For safety, we would also buy another active antipyretic to give you an ophthalmologist's appointment. But my creature - seeing the new bottle - starts to get mad at not asking for it, she needs the other, it's not fine. (Of course he hadn't tasted it.) After a little fight, I succeeded in giving me the new type of flame retardant, but the vulgar, light-hearted eyes seemed to win only my physical title again. My soul is in ruins, but Tnnde is still in good general condition, no sign of drying out. See, miracle: this method worked. Before each sip, I received a crumb of chocolate and drank the liquid. So you ran out of medicine in one minute! My brother didn't believe his eyes! The other chocolate is also good against diarrhea, and the liquid was exfoliated externally after the procedure. We used to get the impression of water, sputum, never even drank, or even rarely, not fruit, In the evening, I took the previously hidden Eperke DVD, which was titled: Seaside Party. My daughter looked at her twice and said, "She wants to go to the beach. That was my goal, and I patted my head." Now he didn't ask pelus for the night, he had diarrhea three times, but he always gave me a good time, we got to the pool, a panty and pajamas were washed away.Click here to continue!Related articles:
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