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Boredom is too much stress

Boredom is too much stress

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According to experts, too much stress doubles women's chances of becoming infertile, but as early as 20 minutes a day, relaxing strolls or some other relaxation method can turn things around again.

THE stress hormone level and a get pregnant correlation between the two was still reported in 2010, but the current study is the first to suggest that emotional and mental tension can cause both infertility and level alpha-amylase levels and found that women with high levels were 29 percent less likely every month they became pregnant, such as those with low alpha-amylase levels.
And after a year of testing, the chances of women in the first group not getting pregnant have doubled, which is medically bear state tekinthetх. As dr. Courtney Denning-Johnson Lynch, a member of the Ohio State University, said after a year of unsuccessful work, he suggested that he try to get in the way of a stressful person, and this time .

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THE Human Reproduction In a study in the magazine, they tracked women between the ages of 18 and 40 who did not meddхsйgi they did not know about the problem and who decided at the start of the examination that they wanted to have a baby. Women have their saliva checked on application and at the start of their first menstrual cycle. For professionals, the biggest challenge now is what methods to recommend to women stress csцkkentйsйre. According to Dr. Lynch, yoga can help a lot, but 20-30 minutes of exercise a day can be successful.


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