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Sunshine Baby Shower 8 Safe Steps

Sunshine Baby Shower 8 Safe Steps

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Its rays plant the planet, but there are also dangers. The skin of infants and young children is much more sensitive to sunlight than adults. So take care of them!

Due to the underdevelopment of melanocytes, less melanin is produced in the skin, which is why the skin absorbs three times more UV rays than adults, so it is easier to cut off. We stay away from children most of the time, so half of the UV radiation collected throughout our lives reaches the age of 18, and the sun's radiant skin helps us to enjoy it.

1. Sit down to the flies!

Infants and young children with clear skin should not be taken away in the middle of the day. If there is a chance that your baby will have a baby in the stroller or play in the sunshine, be sure to apply sunscreen to the skin.

We must absolutely protect children's skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure

2. Filled

Be sure to wear a hat, hat or scarf and knitwear - not only against the sun, but also against the sun. Let's not forget the eye protection: UV-filtered sunglasses are an important part of your vacation.

3. Clouds

You can kill it in the cloud! Clouds can allow up to half of UV radiation, so if your child is out in the open for an extended period of time, do not forget to smear it with a transmitter!

4. Chemical or physical?

The safest are those which do not contain any chemical substances, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Even though chemical messengers are absorbed into the skin, they can induce irritation and allergic reactions in individual sensitivities; Wide spectrum light protection is also important, so that sunscreen also filters out UVA and UVB rays. If you choose an agent that contains physical transmitters, you can check this out.

5. Furnishing rule

Except for those that contain only physical light filters, the messengers usually have 20 minutes to protect themselves, so they should lubricate the baby's skin before leaving. You should repeat the protection twice a minute if you play in the water and lubricate it every minute! Between 10 and 14 o'clock, the child should not spend the day at all (it is best that adults do not sunbathe at this time).

6. How long are you?

However, last year's baby diaper can only be used by adults, because the efficiency of protection is reduced by up to a factor of 25 over the course of a year (that is, a factor of just 25 last year).

7. Factor number

As far as factor number is concerned, optimum protection is represented by a factor of 50+ (SPF) with a high (over 30) UVA (IP) protection.

8. How much do I need?

Make sure you have enough sunshine! Three teaspoons (18 grams) of milk are usually sufficient for the whole baby's body. If applied too little, the efficiency of the protection can be reduced by up to half.


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