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That's why it makes sense for us to speak to a third person

That's why it makes sense for us to speak to a third person

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In times of stress, it is enough to quietly talk to a number of third parties and feel better in March, according to a recent survey by Michigan State University (MSU).

Most people usually talk to a number of first-person people ("I go and have my dinner warmed up"), but switching to a third person can be a help to Iran in times of stress. In fact, this type of internal communication helps maintain and recover self-discipline. The material published in Scientific Reports also gives a concrete example. If a man named John is going through a breakup because of his recent specialization, the most effective way to regain self-control and reduce stress is to ask himself, "Why is John freaking out?" - so you are able to think more calmly and collectively, as opposed to "Why am I upset, what is most painful to me?" "With this method, you eliminate pain and feelings, gain strength, and articulate the root of the problem," says Jason Moser. not only is it quicker to relax, but it also consumes less energy.Baby Room: As a mother, we face many stressful situations when it is important to regain control as quickly as possible and stay calm. This internal communication technique can be a useful solution.