Gold Coast Rules

Gold Coast Rules

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Beach, beach, sea: must-see on summer. But there are a few rules to keep in mind for your baby's safety!

There are rules to follow during your vacation

- Stay close to the kid! Water reaching to the ankles can also be dangerous for the little ones. - karъszу or the so-called floating dress the safest, of course, under your supervision.- Pay close attention and be prepared for minor accidents. Toddlers and bigger ones are running enthusiastically and there is a greater risk of slipping in the water. Be good quality, wound-free disinfectant - The little ones will cool down, so bathe several times, for a shorter time. In the meantime, let it warm up, take off your wet clothes, and wrap it in wraps. In the evening, apply oil to your body.- The effects of the sun's rays increase with water. Even wearing a sunscreen can only keep the sun small for a very short time. It is more powerful UV-resistant clothing, and stay in the shadows between ten and three times.- Always put a light, airy headgear on your head. It is best to sunblind, protect the head and head lйgiуssapka.- Because the eyes are extremely sensitive, they need an appropriate UV-filtered sunglass. Low-cost, non-UV-coated, dark-colored plastic goggles are more valuable. - Pay attention to liquid refill! Kнnбlj lemon water regularly, йdesнtetlen gyьmцlcsteбt because jбtйk kцzben to forget to attach ivбsrуl.- Zsъfolt at the small csuklуjбra or csнptess vнzhatlan the ruhбjбra nйvtбblбt for the case when mixing with mellхled.- Keep hыtхtбskбban took йlelmiszert, innivalуt of yourself, because the heat soon germs multiply.Related Articles:
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