If the Fetus Dies - (2) - Where Is Help?

If the Fetus Dies - (2) - Where Is Help?

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If the Fetus Dies - (2) - Where Is Help?

The question arises whether anyone who is considering the possibility of an abortion law will be properly informed about what kind of remorse they will have to face?

- In all cases, the Applicant should appear in the Family Counseling Council before the child is abandoned and there - especially in the meaning of the new law, Today, this possibility has become very scarce, and the law specifies which crisis situations are applicable.
In the case of an abortion, we rush and try to stop it just after the runaway train. The emphasis should rather be on getting pregnant only, who is prepared for this in every way. Those who are not, let's teach them how to effectively protect their children. (Equally, during pregnancy, motherhood is also a prerequisite for those who do not consider themselves to be ready.) If the child is conceived, it is always a difficult decision to make. - Today's abortion seems to be more accepted in today's society than it used to be, even though conventionally played psychic processes indicate that it is wrong. It is a fact that we do not know so much the psychological factors of natural abortion. Where can a mother who is looking for a solution to such a problem go? - Again, a bit of a complicated request, as many who are having an abortion and are on the first fright are trying to forget, suppress, disregard this whole story, and just - as we said - we have to deal with untreated trauma. It is only then that there is a chance that they will seek and receive help. Likewise, if abortion is not followed by childbirth, and if the mother is not at the level of self-knowledge to recognize even an unexploited fetus, she will not seek the help of a specialist.
It is also a known fact from ultrasound and other examinations that a fetus conceived after an aborted child completely avoids the place of the previous dead baby in the womb, even though the mother has not processed the problem or lost the condition. This suggests that previous abortions can cause infertility in the spiritual through the fact that the fertilized egg does not "want" to attach. We still do not know exactly what the fetus senses.
The natural degeneration is a more self-perpetuating process of cure, the need for conscientiousness, but the Hungarian mental health culture is not always so advanced that it has something get help. We can help those who have it, usually a spontaneous abortion baby. There are several outpatient psychotherapy outpatient departments in the capital, for example, in the Transdanubia Department of Psychotherapy or at the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology. There are many psychiatric surgeries in many outpatient clinics, in the district neurosurgeons or in hospitals. - Could you recommend a book that can help those who are trying to deal with their problem with more literary literature? - I do not know Hungarian literature for laymen, specifically for the spiritual side of the abortion, but it would be worthwhile to deal with this topic too. In my personal knowledge, I met a mother who had lived bitter years in a permanent disruption, even though she was not alone in getting to the point of forgiving herself. He had not thought about such consequences before making his decision. The possibility of abortion in the state law does not release the conscience, which is not to be accounted for before the state courts. Where we want to explain it differently depending on the individual worldview, but nobody can evade their own conscience. (Stakeholders can also visit the Fraud Service staff).


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