Causes of Ineffective Loss

Causes of Ineffective Loss

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Many times in the diet, you are asked why you can't lose weight or get better labs, despite dieting and trying to live as healthy as possible.

Causes of Ineffective Loss

In this case, less vocalists will give up changing their lifestyle, but be aware that there is a defect in the staff's schedule, which is why they need to be changed. Sergeant Diab, a dietitian at The Medical Center for Life, talked about the most common mistake.

The diet is not personalized

Unfortunately, in most cases, very little is said about the basis of a successful diet, personalized There has to be. Because everyone has other parameters, their metabolism, the ratio of visceral fat, body mass index, etc. For this reason, it is important that you never follow the order of others, as you may need something else. A well-trained dietitian, who takes into account individual circumstances and can monitor development and healing, can provide great help in adjusting the right diet.

There is no status review

In order for your diet to be truly personalized, you need to have a preliminary health check, which can get an expert picture - and more testtцmeg-indexrхlwhat is our fat / muscle ratio and how much fat is deposited around our organs. In addition, it is important for the practitioner to be aware of the patient's lifestyle, diet, habits, and possible medical conditions. They have the ability to balance the diet and its energy, as well as track changes, says Diánna Sárrga, a dietitian at the Medical Center for Lifestyle.

It does not exclude possible illnesses

If you are not able to cure fatigue, you may be experiencing unpleasant complaints (eg fatigue, hair loss, menstrual disorders), so it may be easy for you to have some disease in the background. Usually a hormonal system loss of balance (eg, diabetes, insulin resistance, thyroid insufficiency) causes a loss of weight that can be confirmed by a lab test. regular exercise next to.

You believe in miracles around the Internet

There are countless miracles on the internet that are looking for quick and competitive improvement. Unfortunately, they often recommend wholesome diets (such as non-carbohydrate diets) that are not only ineffective but also unhealthy, as they deprive the body of essential nutrients. As I mentioned earlier, there is no diet that is worthwhile for everyone.


Many people fall prey to the fact that when they want to lose weight, they start drastic diets and hardly get anything. At first, it may be that a few kilos really melt, but while this type of diet is a health hazard, stocked up on smelter switch and this will result in a greater amount of fat.Related articles on weight loss:
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