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Breast milk programmed metabolism!

Breast milk programmed metabolism!

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It has been repeatedly stated that breastfeeding does not only provide the baby with a diet. Newer and newer wonders come out!

Breastfeeding Causes Children's Metabolism to Be Unique!

French researchers have come to the conclusion that the method of infant feeding has long-term effects on metabolism. A lower йs a higher fehйrjetartalmъ tбpszer hatбsбt vizsgбltбk, the control group was breastfed kisbabбk jelentettйk: coated 234 kutatбsba, 7 naposnбl younger ъjszьlцtt kцzцtt the legalбbb 4 hуnapig kizбrуlag szoptatottaknбl mйrt йrtйkeket tekintettйk a normбnak, which so far all mбs tбplбlбsi mуd hatбsбt viszonyнthattбk.Mikцzben It has also been known that breastfeeding plays a role in the long-term prevention of a variety of diseases (such as asthma, diabetes, obesity), and research has shown that lightness is less important.Exclusively breastfed children for up to three months have grown and developed at a different rhythm from their dietary diets until the age of three. By the age of 15, it was possible to show that it was the control group of breast milk has lower insulin levelswhich is considered a particularly favorable phenomenon. At three years of age, most of the differences were negligible, such as body weight, height, lean body mass and body mass index, or body mass index or body mass index. However, head volume was significantly lower in children with low protein diets than in the other two groups, and blood pressure was higher in animals fed with high protein diets (in addition to normal). Breastfeeding has had a unique and unpredictable effect on a growing baby. However, if breastfeeding fails for some reason, choosing the right diet plays a big role, especially in terms of protein content.Forrбs: Roan, Shari (2011): Breastfeeding appears to program an infant's metabolism
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