Is it possible to get pregnant with thrombophilia?

Is it possible to get pregnant with thrombophilia?

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Many people are more aware of the danger of hormonal conception as a thrombosis-provoking risk, and therefore recommend thrombophilia screening for those who have had thrombosis in their families.

Is it possible to get pregnant with thrombophilia?

If the results indicate that there is a genetic mutation (s), you may be wondering if the person may be taking a low hormone medication. Dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy, The Thrombosis Center talked to a chief hematologist in the issue.

Birth control pills can cause blood loss

It is increasingly common to hear that young women and women taking birth control pills are at risk of death mild thrombosis developed. Although many people think that this is not the case with the new type of concoction, it really does carry the risk. (Rбadбsul important to know that hormone tцbbfйle kezelйs also provokбlhatja the trombуzis kialakulбsбt the hajlamosaknбl were not only given the fogamzбsgбtlбs cйljбbуl kйszнtmйnyek) .The fogamzбsgбtlу tablettбk - йs mбs hormonбlis fogamzбsgбtlу mуdszerek- peteйrйst because the hormone content gбtlу, visszaszorнtjбk the ъn. antithrombin III white synthesis, therefore less white it is able to inactivate less clotting factors consequently, the risk of thrombosis is significantly increased. True, low-hormone drugs have a lower risk, but if you are dealing with severe thrombophilia, taking these pills can be life-threatening.

Unique Reconciliation Function, Does Your Prophylaxis Suggest

More and more, due to the thrombosis enhancement effect of fertility, more and more thrombophilia screening tests (simple color transitions). Especially if you have had thrombosis or pulmonary embolism in your family. When it comes to finding the find, many are unable to navigate down the track, or if they find out that there is a genetic mutation (which is not uncommon at all), they do not know exactly what it is and how large the thrombus is. veszйlye. "Tцbb fйle trombofнlia lйtezik, йs on megkьlцnbцztetьnk mild йs sъlyos mutбciуkat belьl well. Elхbbi be less vйrrцgkйpzхdйs rizikуja, нgy then can the low hormontartalmъ fogamzбsgбtlу tablettбk alkalmazбsa mйg allowed it. But a layman can not eldцnteni how mйrtйkы the trombofнliбja so you should definitely get a specialist opinion on the subject.Also because thrombosis is over your risk is influenced by several factors, e.g. other comorbidities (eg diabetes, autoimmune disease), more severe recurrences, weight, age, gender, etc. So, what kind of contraceptive method do we recommend is always a matter of purposefulness, "explains Dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy, head of hematolysis of the Thrombosis Center, especially if Important: Many people think that only a pill in the form of a pill carries the risk of developing thrombosis, but not! Alternatively, hormones that block ovarian delivery increase the risk: so fertile patches, injections, vaginas, certain spirals, all can be banned!Related articles in Thrombosis:
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