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How old and how can I give my child homeopathic remedies?

How old and how can I give my child homeopathic remedies?

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Many parents are not aware of the age at which a child can receive a homeopathic remedy. And it can also give you a clue about how to inject the little one. Now we're helping with that.

All mothers are weak, but at the same time they are seeking an effective method of healing

The short answer is: from the moment you were born. If the mother was taking homeopathic medicine at the time of conception, it had an effect on the baby, so just as allopathic (ie, traditional) medicines, homeopathic remedies have an effect on the fetus. бllapotбt also segнthetik traumбk suffered szьletйs kцzben mйrsйklйsйt, segнtik йs the mother of the fetus kцzцtti kцtхdйs kialakulбsбt, gyorsнthatjбk the ъjszьlцttkori sбrgasбg enyhьlйsйt.A homeopбtiбs gyуgyszereket possibly formed ъjszьlцtteknek йs small children egйszen small mennyisйgы - dissolve pure vнzben cйlszerы - 1-2 ml And almost dripping or dripping troughs. If the cannula is difficult to administer, a clean plastic syringe can be used, similar to the one that is packaged with the drug in syrup-suppressed syrups. After each use, the plastic syringe or plastic dosing spoon should be thoroughly cleaned. It is not necessary to wait 15-20 minutes for the baby to be breastfed, if needed, and to eat the homeopathic medicine. This "rule" is common in adults, but it is not necessary to adhere to it strictly in the case of newborns or older children. Even tiny balls can be inserted into a cinnamon cooker, as long as the larger baby is safely swallowing and eating piece food. It is important that you do not spoil the balls. If you swallow it whole, or squeeze it with your teeth, or suck it, it is fine. Homeopathic syrups are good, so most of the time they are easy to administer. Although there are children who do not like sugary, syrupy flavors, if we dilute the syrup with clean water, they may be more readily and willingly accepted. The tablets of complex homeopathic remedies also dissolve readily in water. Before we dissolve them, it is advisable to shake them. If your child is good enough, then these pills can be put in their mouths as well. They are sucked, sucked, no matter what, just swallowed, not spoiled. For a couple of minutes while the homeopathic medicine is in the child's mouth, hold it in our arms or put it down. If you do not run back and forth with oral fluids or tablets, you can avoid unwanted attention.


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