10 Healthy and Delicious Foods

10 Healthy and Delicious Foods

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Many expectant mothers will be eager and would like to snack on something all day long. But because of you and the health of the fetus, what we eat at the time is not important.

Fortunately, they are becoming increasingly aware that being a baby does not mean eating two instead of two. And it's also becoming more and more common not to have to chip in the chipset or chocolate, since it doesn't matter what kind of nutrients the fetus gets. We do not have to give up on this, we just have to pay a little attention to what we eat. And if we come back, we can see that there are very delicious but healthy rodents that not just pregnant women can eat.

Freshly baked potatoes with yogurt and chives

A real creamy delicacy that you can enjoy. Do not overcook the potatoes, so you will have 281 calories in a round, about 32 calories in a quarter cup of Greek yogurt, while there are only 1 calorie in a tablespoon of chopped raw onions.

Fruit sorbet

If it's hot, there's nothing better than a delicious ice cream - that is, homemade sorbet. It's best to make it easy at home, at any cost of the day, but you can even use it frozen. For example, you can blend berry fruits and ice, and you're ready to go. Perhaps if you have a home-made swallow, you can do it, too. The number of opportunities is virtually limitless, it is up to you what goes into it.


Smoothies can be made of greens and fruits, and they are all fantastic! If you are fat, try this very delicious Healthy Milk Shake, but you can make spicy hot drinks as well.

Dried fruits and small seeds

Pre-packaged delicacies, such as delicacies, are great snacks, and unbeatable mixes are definitely worth the benefit. Healthy and delicious, what else?

Fruit yogurt

We are not thinking about the store here, but about adding fresh fruits to this yoghurt! One box of Greek yogurt contains 100 calories, one jar of kiwi contains 42 calories, and one jar of apricot 61.Make Healthy Snacks From Sweet Potatoes

Chips йdeskrumplibуl

There is a growing number of sweet potatoes in Hungary, but it is often possible to buy snacks in different business chains. Thin it thinly, put it on baking paper, sprinkle with a little olive oil, cut on fresh rosemary and fry it! It will have a fine and healthy clove.

Apple, almond, cheese

This classic trio can be the favorite of any expectant mother. If you haven't tried these together, give them a chance! Thanks to its nutrient content, you can get enough energy for a whole dutel!

Oatmeal, oh, raisins

Great for the digestive system, ready soon, convinced us! The diet is good for the florist in itself.

Spicy apple

Slice an apple (or more) apples, drizzle with cinnamon and nutmeg and toss them in the oven for a few minutes. What are you doing?

Avocado room

Fry whole wheat bread with a little olive oil, then lay a few slices of avocado. You can sprinkle it with seeds, you can squeeze a few drops of lemon on it, but if you eat it lightly, sprinkle it with a little honey. Even more healthy women:
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