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5 reasons you may be stalled

5 reasons you may be stalled

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In many cases, the pregnant woman finds herself on the operating table after a lot of wailing, and her baby is born with a cupping. Here's a list of possible reasons.

5 reasons you might get stuck (photo: iStock)Many women finally give birth to a baby by cryopreservation. Why is the process stalled? What Factors Can Be in the Background? Is there any way to help the process? This was followed by the article of The outcome, process, and length of the birth cannot be predicted, even if there is more childbirth. Everybody else's birth, every baby's arrival is unique.Everyone has heard birth events where the mother gives birth to her baby after 20 plus ubiquitous pregnancies. Most doctors will probably tell you in such cases that your pregnancy was not going well enough, so you had to have a cesarean section. But what could have happened, what could have happened in the background? lists 5 possible reasons, of course, that does not mean that these are the only reasons that can lead to conceiving.

1. The position of the baby

Ideally, the fetus is upside down, ready to pass through the wind canal. If this is not the case, it does not automatically mean cesarean section, but this is at the doctor's discretion: if you take the risk too high, you will have a cesarean section. According to BabyCentre, a mother can also make changes to her baby's condition, for example, by exercising for at least 10 minutes twice a day. It is advisable to change your daytime activities and body posture before birth. During childbirth, when the ball is rolling, make sure the tip is higher than the knee.

2. The position of the mother in the active phase of voivodeship

Posture in a state of distress influences distress, relieves pain, and facilitates the progress of a state of distress.
Ideal posture allows gravity to assist the process, according to, addiction, fluttering, drooping. The supine position of the back may limit the process of moaning, but it may be necessary to move the pelvis to the left, to the left and to the right if there is any reason to lie under the stomach.

3. Selection of analgesic drug

Also, painkillers can interfere with the birth process if it is not introduced early. Due to the epidural sensation, the strength of the contractions cannot be felt strongly, therefore, in the postural period the movement and the positioning may be limited, and this may be limited.

4. The baby is too big

It is often a point of reference to indicate that the baby is too large or that the baby's head is too large to pass smoothly through the baby's canal. In these cases, the doctor will often start the baby without waiting for the 40th week. However, the artificial initiation of childbirth can result in strong contractions that prevent the fetus from starting at its own pace, drink plenty of fluids, and take regular care during pregnancy.

5. Pool problem

There are women whose pelvis is too narrow or the shape of the pelvis is a barrier to the passage of the fetus. But this does not automatically mean that you will need a cesarean section. Exercise, stretching, stretching regularly during pregnancy, yoga can help your muscles tune up, allowing the fetus to get through the birth canal. . There are a number of reasons (eg fetal heart rate weakness, suspicion of oxygen deficiency, fetal stress, etc.) that the baby is finally born with a cesarean section. (Via)
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