The mother is also happier when the baby is early

The mother is also happier when the baby is early

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Evening couples are a regular part of many families: children get tired of it even though professionals think it is important to sleep more. However, early bedtime makes not only the little ones but also the parents happy!

According to the results of a major Austrian research, the children who went to bed by 8:30 in the evening were much happier and healthier. In addition, the early sleep of the children had a positive effect on their mothers, meaning that parents also reported that they were generally more engaged with their lives. Surprisingly, how much the children slept did not influence the results, the key was to go to bed early.It is also better for the mother to fall asleep early The in 2004 kezdхdцtt kutatбsba 10 000 ausztrбl child йs the csalбdjaikat vontбk on, йs kйtйvente kйrdхнvekkel vizsgбltбk tцbbek kцzцtt the egйszsйgьket, physical fejlхdйsьket the йletmуdjukat йs szokбsaikat the mentбlis egйszsйgьket йs the tбrsas their relationships as well. "Rendkнvьl importance of children szбmбra, to sleep well, not only do we need rest and growth, but also to be able to regulate our feelings, to be more attentive and fulfilling, and have a better overall mood, "he says. dr. Wendy Sue Swanson pediatrician. "Early bedtime can be a great impact on your mom because parents also have time to relax, work with each other, or possibly finish their housework. . "Dr. Swanson says it's worth following these basic rules to get your children pregnant in time:
  • Let's give them the opportunity to exercise, exercise, preferably outdoors during the day!
  • After 7 o'clock in the evening do not die, count, tablet!
  • Let them play a little after dinner, "calm down"!
  • Spend the night before bedtime, talking, reading, reading!
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