It is not our body, but our mind that can do about energy

It is not our body, but our mind that can do about energy

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For some time, Sandra Aamodt, a neurologist at Yale, has realized that the life of a teenager who has taken part in a yoyoid school is not primarily his body, but rather his mind.

It is not our body, but our mind that can do about energy

According to the expert, the solution is to fit the food and not to demonize the food, but to consume the food by value. however, he managed to bring it back quickly in 2010. He also made a vow of the year: he does not eat for years, does not measure himself, but instead moves regularly: he takes a big walk or just takes part in an exhausting dance. I wonder what happens if I succeed in hanging out with teenager favorably followed patternwhat jojudia means and a healthy lifestyle - without weight loss - can be more effective than abstinence, "says the practitioner. Now I know that Joyouitis does not come because we are lazy, but because our brains pervade us: after the time of fasting, when we finally allow ourselves to do everything again, our body save us from the eagle, Ezйrt aztбn all kalуriбt elraktбroz "- says Aamodt, who today you have already bыntudat nйlkьl, kiegyensъlyozottan tбplбlkozik.Dietetikusok any event tanбcsoljбk to the vбlasszuk vбltozatos tбplбlkozбst, egйszsйges йletmуdot, instead of mozgбst No wonder fogyуkъrбk idхszakosan, kampбnyszerыen, but we can keep йletmуdvбltбssal. not only do we do good for ourselves, but we also give our children the right pattern.


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