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Pregnancy = Captive?

Pregnancy = Captive?

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Unfortunately, it is a statistical fact that the decay of women's remaining teeth is more intense than their male counterparts of the same age. There are two reasons for this, one of which is that the remaining teeth of the girls come out first, and thus have more time to decay.

Pregnancy = Captive?

The second reason has been experienced by almost all women who have given birth to children, but we do not pay much attention to it, and we hardly pay much attention to prevention and education.Replacement:
Hormonal changes during pregnancy they mainly affect the loveso that it can cause severe inflammation. However, this also means that the extension of the pouches increases the caries plaque mennyisйgйt. In addition, the often mild effects on the skin lead to insanely deficient lip care. To this is added a dietary change that is generally more pronounced in the consumption of color carbohydrates.
It is very important - and few people know - that the components of the handle change during pregnancy so that it can be spiked your own defense pushing, thus providing an idyllic diet for caries. This is followed by a period of breastfeeding, which results in a significant loss of the very important Ca, P ions, and instead , the last blow to their weakened teeth.The grooving of healthy teeth prevents the damaging effects of acids in the saliva. The rйgi tцmйsek felьlvizsgбlata, poorly zбrу tцmйsek kijavнtбsa and cserйje fluorine tartalmъ szuvasodбst gбtlу with szintйn jelentхsen nцveli teeth ellenбllуkйpessйgйt, which - ellentйtben the amalgбmmal - bizonyнtottan not have any szervezetkбrosнtу hatбssal, йs esztйtikai hatбsuknak kцszцnhetхen terhessйg utбn not have to szйgyenkezve smile of kismamбknak .And last but not least you need to know that these treatments are for the fetus with no adverse effect they do not have, and can be painlessly done.
Hopefully, there will be fewer and fewer mothers who have committed child molestation. It's not up to us.
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