Is it easier to get pregnant if a woman has an orgasm?

Is it easier to get pregnant if a woman has an orgasm?

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The professional debate on whether or not women can reach fertility peak is underway. Although the orgasm theory could not be proved, the official resolution was no disappointment either.

We know that men's orgasms are extremely important for conception, as powerful muscle contractions allow sperm to get closer to the egg. But what about the female orgasm? Although barely has a "need" to become pregnant - it is also undeniable that a satisfying sexual life reduces stress, strengthens relationships, and this can contribute to your baby's ability to conceive - research suggests that women may have an orgasm to some degree, even though they may be more successful.Can a woman get pregnant if she has an orgasm?Already in the 1900s, the idea was created that during orgasm, when the muscles contract, the female body becomes like a "porous" body, meaning that it can reduce the sperm's quality and make it even easier. However, research aimed at proving the theory has not yielded unequivocal results: one study has indeed found that there is no correlation between the ability of sperm to travel, "Unfortunately, my answer may be discouraged, but neither the posture nor the orgasm has anything to do with getting pregnant or not"Dr. Adeeti Gupta, a pregnant woman, told Health.com." If a woman's body is functioning properly and she has a fertile egg at the moment, then she is pregnant regardless of whether she is an orgy. " (via)You may also be interested in:
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