"Brutally good if you have a brother!"

"Brutally good if you have a brother!"

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Old people were not worried about brothers and sisters. At most, they were worried about how they would get hungry, and whether they would get food for a hungry mouth. Nowadays, this request gets a much bigger emphasis. Many times unnecessarily.

Brotherhood is completely natural

If you are reading psychological books, you may find that the problems of childhood are largely accounted for by the arrival of the little brother. Be it hysterical, wakeful, constipated, quarreled or sleep deprived. As soon as the twin is born, you have the backside immediately. Now, not the little child, but the parent who was unable to stand alone, and continues to multiply. From now on I whine to cruelly depraved poor big, and elders have caused him complex mountains that the child will have to go through therapy for lifeThere is a lot to read about how to prepare the firstborn for the disappointment and pain he or she will have to endure. How to reduce your anxiety caused by the arrival of your little brother. No one denies that this is going to be traumatic, as Cain and Bel, Joseph and his brothers are there, but also the Iron Curtain's story. Even though you have seen a bored and bored one-year-old who is jealous and jealous of a child with a great family, it is a good thing to know , and for a moment, it occurred to me that I should leave my grandfather for a moment, only to be worried about how much I should wait for the next. Because my baby and my sister are both a couple of years away from me (my sister is a dozen years old), I was sure I wouldn't expect so much. nхvйremet. So I quickly drove to little age, and when I was born, I was very happy to have another year. I was sworn to the little cubs for years because although the first couple of years were undeniably hard, my girls are terribly good friends, and they have wonderful fantasy worlds that they enthusiastically make all day.How were they shabby at the same time? Nanб. You can't escape this, because you always want more for yourself than you can get. Money, leisure, personal attention and love are not enough. But I don't think if I had just one kid I could have given him more. After all, they are everything. If I hadn't given birth to a second one, I'd probably go back to work sooner, read more with my husband, read two books, or go exercise sometimes. And to put it bluntly, I do not find that the one spends much more quality time with their parents than the big family. And when he was… well, they weren't always crazy. When I found out that he was third, for a moment I didn't think that the new situation would bring any new problems. Yes, the 8-year-old can get upset and she insists on being close to me when you are breastfeeding. But that's okay, because we both look at the smallest with the same pleasure. And I don't see that the big ones, the little ones, have gone wrong, because there are three of them. Because the attention that I can't give them, we get each other. If I don't play it because I'm checking the lesson of the third big guy, then the little first run up and out of the ground is the nose. When the mail rings, they take the spoon out of my hand and feed it. I never leave it alone, and they sure do give me a chance to let it go. They invent games that I would never be able to they love each other in a way that I had never imagined before. Because brotherly love has the power of ubri. It is a gift that you cannot give more. No need to be afraid of it. The author in England puppies your blog here you find it!