Cervical change during pregnancy

Cervical change during pregnancy

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Rarely is there a risk of pregnancy in the cervix, although examinations can help a lot in preventing premature birth. Most doctors routinely check the cervix, but few expectant mothers know exactly what and why.

Cervical change during pregnancy

A specialist can help you find your way around the question: when and how to examine how the cervix changes during pregnancy?

Where's the crib?

The cervix is ​​the underside of the cervix that connects the vagina and the cervix. The sleeve is covered by the outside, the cushion is covered by the inner lining. Dr. Gullai Nurra, Rozsert Garden Medical Center Specialist in Breastfeeding, emphasizes that, ideally, the neck should be closed and the length of the cervix should be close to term during pregnancy (week 37 of pregnancy). If you start shortening or expanding prematurely, there may be a risk of premature birth.

When and how to test the cervix?

In Ruhzsakert Medical Center's care protocol, the length of the cervix is ​​examined as early as week 20, says Dr. Null Gullai. - The length and closure of the small channel provide important information for the early detection of a possible premature high risk. The test is performed after a urinalysis with vaginal ultrasound. If the length of the cervix is ​​more than 25 millimeters, the risk of severe, very premature birth is low: below 1%. If it is shorter than 25 millimeters, the risk is high, and vaginal progesterone therapy can be used to reduce it, which is proven to be an effective method of preventing premature birth. The cervix and the cervix can be checked by any person undergoing pregnancy care at any visit if deemed necessary.The finding can be more than a sign of the condition of the cervix. Occasionally, four digits indicate the result: the first digit indicates the length of the cervix (in centimeters); the second, third, and fourth, whether the outer, middle, and inner sections of the neck canal were closed (0: zrt, 1: open). For example, if the cervix index is 3000, the cervix is ​​long enough (3 cm) and closed completely - explains the doctor. Most older women are characterized by a softer cervix and a longer cervical canal; this is normal and does not present an increased risk of premature birth.Your cervix may begin to shorten in the days before birth and may cause the uterus to expand. Immediately before the baby is born, the cushions are completely smoothed out, and the cushion is completely eradicated, giving way to the little one.

The role of the cork plug

At the time of pregnancy, the cervix is ​​a gelatinous substance called the cork. This helps protect the uterus - and the fetus - from infections. The cervical plug usually disappears a few days up to two weeks before childbirth, so you can predict the onset of labor. Some people do not even take it out when they leave the cords; And there are some who experience this only when they are born. If you notice a loss before week 37, and especially if there is a concussion, it is advisable to contact the woman as soon as possible.
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