Diapers in the swimming pool

A couple of years ago, a mom who would have wanted to take her few-month-old baby to the swimming pool would have giggled a lot. Today, there are more and more places to be safe in Hungary, under safe, hygienic conditions.

Swimming pools, training pools, hotels

If the new parents want a with their baby some exercise to experience them, to raise little ones for the love of water, or simply to gain some experience for themselves and their children, and to have the opportunity to have a baby in their environment. From the age of three months onwards, this program can be incorporated into the life of the family and will provide countless benefits.
This service is available in many parts of the country, and there is a growing number of spa tubs, swimming pools, leisure clubs, hotels, fitness clubs, foundations, and even family businesses. We can come up with more elaborate names, from Lubick to Csobbanou Manu and Hufehér Fükab to Pan-paw - but let's have a closer look at what a baby swimming pool has to offer and what it is worth to visit.

Baby-friendly conditions

A baby very much tooth infections, so an average swimming pool, beach or even live water used by adults is still inadequate. (Unfortunately, in the summer, we often see irresponsible babies taking the whole pool to the big pool on the beaches, and the paddling pool in the pool just for them.)

Baby is a very good job

For baby kayaking, baby water habits, or baby water family programs, a He was checked by the BNTSZ a water-quality pool equipped with a water circulation system or professionally disinfected with non-chlorinated baby-friendly materials. The pool for this purpose is not used during baby activities, but may not be used for any other purpose, except for small children, outdoor babysitters and other than educators.
Water temperatures should generally be kept between 28-32 degrees Celsius because this cooler temperature does not multiply rapidly. There is also an institution where there is a physiotherapist, a doctor, a nurse besides the occupational leader, and assistance can be requested in special cases.
The sessions start with a "wet", muscle-relaxed massage and usually last for 30-45 minutes. It is worthwhile asking if you should leave the pool immediately or whether you can extend your water play as you wish.
They follow several baby-giving programs in Hungary, such as István Kalovits and Ferenc Karsay, dr. Géza Gömöry and the method, named Csilla Mattesz, and in many places they special hidroterбpia is also going on. It is advisable to check them out. The safest thing to do is talk not only with the organizers, but also with those who come regularly. You can also find out how baby-friendly and family-friendly the other part of the service is.
What are showers, changing rooms, nappies, rest areas, stroller storage, how far to park and so on. Of course, it doesn't matter how much it costs, how hard the profession is, etc.

Disciplined safer

Service users also request discipline, basic hygiene rules compliance is needed. The little ones are not room-cleaned, so you should get a swab or panties designed for this purpose to avoid getting water or urine into the pool water.
The ъszуpelenkбk its function is twofold: on the one hand, it is not released into the water that enters the pelus, on the other it protects the child from infections. There are also where wearing a cap is a must for babies and their parents. Thoroughly shower before entering the water. It is in the interest of every participant to participate in the workshops, both small and small, only wholly.
Therefore, you will need to present a medical certificate before your first session and, if you miss one or more times during the course, you will have to present your fresh certificate again when you apply. Adults also look out for problems that seem insignificant to them, such as cold sores, fungal infections or goiter, and may also have herpes. It is advisable to put the eagles on the agenda so that you do not have to eat the baby immediately before the movement to "fall", to lose weight.
Infants and toddlers do not function as well as older ones, so you should keep an eye out for the small one. If it is pale, weak, purple in its mouth, it should be taken out of the water, gently rubbed, massaged, and eaten. The cooler water at about 32 degrees can be prepared at home by sprinkling it in the tub, using several steps, gradually using increasingly cooler water.
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