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The story of the cut toothpeople

The story of the cut toothpeople

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Poci doesn't want to brush his teeth. However, dentists will soon convince themselves that it is worth keeping their teeth clean.

It's evening, bath time, brushing time. But Poci didn't even want to brush his teeth. He wanted to play the train much more.
- Brushing your teeth! Mom shouted from the bathroom.
But Poci didn't want to hear Mom's words.
Mom waited patiently, but to no avail. Poci continued to train.
- Fogman! Where are you? Mother inquired.
Then there was a loud chuckle between Poci's teeth.
- We are here! my men laughed and jumped cheerfully into the little boy's mouth. Of course they were fun because they had lots of fine bites on their dirty teeth. There was a piece of candy, chocolate chips, a little rice from the bed. The dentists were really good about themselves. They smelled of sugar and chocolate as they ran from tooth to tooth cheerfully. Toothed teeth lovers have dirty teeth. The problem was that while playing between the teeth, they paid no attention to anything but the candy. Nor were they careful to protect the children's teeth. I heard of a little boy who had his teeth cut.
- Oops! the smallest man chuckled as he stumbled and nearly scratched one of Poci's back teeth.
Poci was very proud of her beautiful white teeth. But she didn't want to brush her teeth tonight.
Mom sadly gave birth to Dad: - Imagine, Poci doesn't want to get bad bones out of her mouth today. They'll be rattling on nice little teeth all night, and they won't watch over them.
By this time, Poci was already frowning.
- But I always take care of my teeth! Look what sweets! bisexual pointed out.
- Really nice, but if you miss brushing, they'll go wrong soon. They get hurt, punctured, because the little toothpants make them cry, hurt them, Mom said.
- Hыha, that would be a big problem! Poci said, while a blue locomotive rushed to the cabin.
- Yes! "That's why you need to get my hands off tonight so you won't damage your teeth tonight," Dad explained.
- Yeah! Only the green locomotive will take the kids to wisdom - Poci opted.
Then the little boy in the gray hair headed for the bathroom. Mom prepared the toothpaste, the toothbrush and the glass. But toothbrushes didn't even like tooth brushing.
The toothpaste was just so frothy in Poci's mouth.
- Well, don't scratch my head with that big brush! one of the men yelled.
- Fuck! I don't like toothpaste! another moan moaned.
"Yes, I'll scratch your head if you don't disappear right away!" Poci said, laughing as he carefully washed his teeth.
He then flushed his mouth. The cut toothpicks shouted down the drain.
Poci glared curiously at her beautiful, clean, harpy teeth in the mirror.
- Look, they're shining! he showed Mom and Dad.
- They're pretty! Dad said.
- And healthy! Mom said, who was a very proud baby boy.