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Applying Lifesaving, Not Just For Hypohonders! Causes, Symptoms, Treatment Of 600 Diseases In One Place

Applying Lifesaving, Not Just For Hypohonders! Causes, Symptoms, Treatment Of 600 Diseases In One Place

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Red spots on my skin, what's the matter? What Are The Symptoms Of Brain Inflammation? - now you can also answer all your queries about illnesses and illnesses via mobile, since the Patient Patient Icon for HomePathics can be downloaded to your smartphone.

Did you know that early detection of childhood leukemia is over 80%, or just 98% is overexpressed in stage I memory?
Another common disease today is rapid recognition in the case of stroke. After the first symptoms have been detected, we have 3 lungs that can undergo drug thrombolysis in stroke centers and open the blocked lumen. Speed ​​is even more important when it comes to heart rate. Here we have a maximum of 5 minutes to recognize what we are up against and to take the appropriate steps. No matter what information we rely on, reliable, accurate health information - no extra -
The leading health-lifestyle portal in Hungary, well-known in the website has a thousand readers.
Most frequently described diseases have been reviewed by specialist physicians, so that we can obtain the most reliable information about the causes, occurrence, diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of the selected disease.

We can also look for a doctor!

In addition to describing 600 illnesses, the mobile app can search for more than 300 symptoms, so if you don't know exactly what's wrong, you can give this symptom a head start on possible illnesses.
If you need useful tips related to a specific disease, you can click on Related Articles to find out more, and even the application can also search for a doctor related to the disease.
You can download the application for Windows Phone and Android devices here.


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