Baby in backpack

Baby in backpack

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Our reader tells us that at first he was averse to taking the baby with him. Then, once he tried it, he didn't want to use any more.

I found it very expensive buckle carriers, since a kind is almost as expensive as a stroller ... I didn't buy it with my first child, but for the second, I decided a lot. The shot was given that I was able to blow up all kinds of carriers with my baby in the showroom, so it was easy to pick for us megfelelхt. The Manduca baby carrier for the first time is REAL He was watching. Comfortable, practical and perfect with small features.
My boyfriend and I can carry the baby in it, which with a colored carry would not go straight away due to the complexity of the knitting. Although I can knit a scarf, I always choose this one when I start because it is as easy to remove as a backpack. And another benefit: as soon as the child comes out, it can be almost as ubiquitous give.
Adrien Meissbro