Pancreatitis has set records this time!

Pancreatitis has set records this time!

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By October, about 10,000 more reported cases of varicella than last year. Home pediatricians reported that all preschool groups were temporarily ill.

  • By October 2015, the number of cases of varicella increased by 35% compared to last year
  • Infection causes cancer in 2-6% of cases; at home 300-400 patients go to hospital every year
  • Eight unique countries have a national or regional vaccination program for the varicella vaccine
  • Free Multi-Age Vaccination Program Launches in November at Heathfield
Based on the latest data from the National Center for Epidemiology by mid-October, about 34.5 thousand varicella infections were registered in Hungary, which 35% higherthan in the 2014 similar period. According to pediatricians, it is not surprising that vaccines against extremely virulent disease, which causes 2-6% of patients seeking medical advice, are included in compulsory vaccines in several countries.
In Hungary a law enforcement is not yet part of the national law enforcementtherefore, several governments are planning to launch their own funding vaccination program. Among the towns of the county of Hungary, the first Heathfields vaccine has been providing vaccines for children under 6 years of age, according to the Central Statistical Office. According to the literature, the number of actual cases of tuberculosis reported is much higher: it can affect up to 80,000 to 90,000 people per year in a complete birth cohort. By mid-October 2015, 34,475 varicella cases were reported to the National Center for Epidemiology (OEK), not only 35% more than the 25,761 cases reported in the first 10 months of 2014, but as of 31 December 2013.


"The home pediatrician's daily practice has also clearly shown that the number of varicella has increased: all pre-school groups have become temporarily ill. Gyorgy Pуta, President of the Home Pediatricians Association.
The expert added that after the eradication of varicella disease, a transient weakening of immune status can be clearly observed, leading to other viral changes, e.g. the flu is also more severe, more serious in these periods.
According to OEK data, the number of varicella diseases peaked in March, when there were 7,248 cases of varicella, but this season is expected to start in January, 2015. This is borne out by the fact that the number of reported cases increased by a third in the 41st week compared to the previous week.

Shoe has a wolf

Pancreatitis is the most common reported domestic infectious disease, which in most cases is mild, but it affects about 2-6% of the patients, and causes, - infectious, it can have a fatal outcome. The number of cases of varicella registered in Hungary is around 30-35 thousand per year; among patients with cancer, 300-400 are hospitalized.
Children with high fever and itchy rash, up to 2-3 weeks of age, tend to have 90% of children in their pre-school years:
Its best-known is the infection of blistered skin on different parts of the body, which, even with mildly debilitating disease, can often leave life-scarring.
Patients in need of hospital care are often the most severely deprived of the United St Stephen Children's Intensive Care Unit.
"The betegsйg akбr szнvizom-, or mбj- нzьleti gyulladбst, csontvelхgyulladбst йs vйrmйrgezйst can cause, one of the most common neurological komplikбciу and the cerebellum йrintх jуindulatъ gyulladбs that jбrhat mozgбskoordinбciуs disorder - hangsъlyozta Dr. ujhelyi Enikх, the Holy Egyesнtett Istvбn St. Lбszlу Kуrhбz Gyermekintenzнv - Less common but more dangerous is brain inflammation, which causes headaches, vomiting, insecurity, confusion and spasms.
He added that varicella is not only dangerous for immunocompromised children; even healthy children can have a disease, so it's good to choose prevention. This is especially true for families with multiple children, where the second or third member of the infantile chickenpox infection usually has a much higher incidence, a more severe course and a longer duration.
The Home Pediatricians Association recommends that children should be vaccinated as soon as possible after one year of age, but prior to commencement of community service, as almost every child who receives ill-health, or who is ill, will soon become ill,
"Over the years, we have found that the number of people suffering from varicella vaccine is constantly decreasing," said Dr. Pуta Gyцrgy.
Two-dose vaccinations are available from the age of 9 months, but the OEK recommends that at least 4 weeks apart, it is best to give the child 16-18 months of age.
It is important to note that varicella is not only a pediatric disease. Those who did not fall asleep in their childhood remain incapacitated in their adulthood - 10% of the Hungarian adult population. Pelvic infections, which may be accidentally caught in adulthood, usually have a more severe course and a greater risk. Adults also have to account for varicella virus nerve dermatitis, a tumor that is caused by reactivation of viruses that remain in the nerves at the time of previous varicella infection.

Prevention at home and abroad

According to official data from the World Health Organization (WHO), 4,200 cases of CVD each year in the world result in mortality, including vaccination against WHO.
In the EU, Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Latvia, Greece, and Italy and Spain, there are already a number of national vaccination programs, ie the compulsory vaccine series.
In the United States, vaccination against varicella was introduced in the vaccine program in 1996, initially with a 2-dose vaccine system, which is now recommended due to minor changes in the vaccine population. In the 49 states of the United States, a basic school enrollment requirement is that the child receive two doses of varicella vaccine. As a result of the strict measures, the rate of vaccination against varicella in the United States quickly reached 80%, which is more than 90% of cases of varicella.
Although in Hungary it is desirable that the vaccine be introduced into the national vaccine system, and for the time being purification of varicella can only be achieved with the help of municipal financing programs. In October of this year, the County Council of the Representatives of the County Council decided to launch a comprehensive patronage program:
"This is to prevent the serious effects of varicella and to prevent children from becoming ill because of one of the drugs," said Dr. Peter Kushu, deputy mayor of Huddersfield, who had been practicing in the hospital for 30 years or in the field of pediatric medicine.
The initiation of the free anti-pox vaccination program was unanimously approved by the Parish General.
At Heathfield and two neighboring settlements joining the Initiative - About 2,800 toddlers will receive a two-dose full-time protection at the beginning of November and March.
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