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From marmot to karate - programs for little ones, big ones

From marmot to karate - programs for little ones, big ones

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You can be smart about parenting, protecting the environment, the Arctic, hanging out with the little ones, and choosing sports. Don't say we don't think about you!

Ismjra Pregnant Club!

Looking forward to September at the Maternity Club! From 10 to 10 he has been in Wheeling Subotica Anna Kecskemét Wheel and Transition Play Guide.
Real-life games, say the soundtrack:
From 11am onwards, we talk with Ildik Lukics-Kiss about the age-specific features that make life easier for you. Do you believe or disbelieve? Bad or curious? Understand the baby! Hosted by: Judit Szхdy Psychologist, Parenting Advisor, Breastfeeding Advice IBCLC Location: Baby Garden BabyMamaHab Zuglu Children's Center
Budapest XIV, Szuglу u. 83-85.

What does the marmot do? You are too
Are you curious like х?
Find out at the exhibit!

Shivering excursion

The Realm of the Frost - Secrets and Mysteries in the Arctic with an Interactive Exhibition at the Hungarian Museum of Agriculture on September 10th!
The cold penetrates the bone. The rumble of the rampage is nothing to roar at, or even foretold in the Uruguayan storm. It's dark, the sunrise has to wait for more months, but the sky is bathed in green light…
We do not go to any distant body - we make only a brief trip to the Arctic or the Arctic of our planet. This milk, even if it sounds alarming to us, is very attractive in many situations. There are mammals and white-collar birds sealed in the yacht's yacht, the undulating, marine, fish, fawn, swordfish dolphins, waving in the freezing cold water. In this hard, mysterious world, only the truly capable can thrive, and living below the millennia has made countless fortunes to survive.
Why cover your nose during polar bear hunting? Which cat has one hundred excess? When did the penguins fly last? Why are there no "blood" for fish in the Arctic?
Not only do you have a chance to answer these questions on the 10th exhibition, but you can also see the unicorn of the night, the cage, the flower in the heel of the Arctic, the cape of Greenland. In addition to the fascinating wildlife, you will also learn how these frozen landscapes preserve the unique teachings of our Earth, the planet's history, and why they are important to our future.

National Geographic Цkonap

The National Geographic has a full-day party at the Millenaire on Saturday 10th. After the Maternity Club it's worth going out :-)
From 11am the concert of the Alma Orchestra awaits, followed by the Tam-Tam Parade Ensemble. While the children are chattering in the stroller, you can hear Tilla talk with Dr. Juhász Irpad geologist, Lajos Német meteorologist, and Zsolt Erzsss mountain climber. The Heaven Streat Seven is on display, and Magdi Rozsa is on stage.

An apology in Anno

On Tuesday, Duluth will entertain and prize his precious generosity by the Moravian Crowd! Before that, of course, you were reading fairy tales, weaving, and storytelling all together! Somfay Alexandra - Puppets and puppets help prepare the puppies, which they can finally take home.
Alexandra has many of the techniques of puppets, so children can learn many methods of puppy movement and making: more productive, bots, wooden bibs, origami-marionettes, finger pins, tweezers, paperclips, gloves puppets can be favorites at the Anno fairy tale shop and at home!


Saturday, September 16-17, is the day when you and / or your children fall in love with a super sport.
At the Great Sports Choice you will find over 80 great sports at one venue, with coaches, athletes, professional advice.
The event is free of charge and free of charge! Opening hours: 9 and 17 hours. On Fridays we are waiting for pre-registered schools and schools, but on the 14th of October and on Saturday all day the family is the sports center on Maglád Street!