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10 things that can help make your child a nice human being

10 things that can help make your child a nice human being

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From there, we develop the ability to speak, patiently teach him to count, and teach him what to do and what not to do. In the meantime, sometimes the most important thing about missing out on the joke is what the child gets home from home, humanly and spiritually.

There is a lot you can do to make your child a nice, empathetic adult

Rebecca Eanes, the author of Positive Parenting Books, has collected 10 things to keep in mind so that you do not get lost in the jungle of parenting.

1. Pay attention to the basics!

Proper nutrition, sufficient and good quality sleep, exercise - it is not only necessary for the child's proper development, but also has a major influence on behavior. (The right amount of sleep here ...) A lot of physical activity not only improves motor skills, it can be less frequent with exercise in children, helps with self-control, and improves concentration.

2. Have a good and confidential relationship with you!

The most important thing is the quality of the relationship we have with the child and ourselves. It is right that trust and empathy fill our relationship. If you are constantly criticized, everything is done out of the box, and a tolerant, sympathetic relationship will not be created, the child will be much less cooperative. If we communicate well, they will communicate well with us. The kid is modeling a stone. If you ask him something, you will use my prayer, say words, and say hello to everything! You can apologize if you make a mistake. (Unfortunately, this does not work for many parents.)

3. Don't just look, see!

Look at things! If you feel that your child has behaved in an uneducated way, you should try to understand the behavior. It's a symptom, there's a reason. If you realize what you are doing, you are much closer to solving it than triggering an immediate reaction on the ground. "Turn it on," prbb you understand!

4. Happy relationship, happy kid

All the energy you put into your relationship is burnt up many times. If the children find that you support each other with your couple, they will be treated in the same way as others. Show me a good example! Respect each other and this should also be reflected in the communication between the two.

5. Good family atmosphere first and foremost

You must have already felt that you "should not be there" because you have a bad, depressed mood. There are the negative vibrations in the air. This can be the result of a bad relationship between a father and a mother, or a problematic relationship between a mother and father and a child, or the tension between two children. A loving family atmosphere is key to the right one. If you fall somewhere on your "shield" as much as you can, try to fix it.

6. So kind others!

as Albert Einstein said: "Example is not one of the teachings, but the only way." How do you talk to the shopkeeper? How do you communicate with the official if you have a problem? In what tone do you talk to your mother, your parents? Your child will all see, hear, and learn. And then follow the pattern. The kid is a mirror. Often, we only realize how poorly we communicate with others when we echo back and sound the voice of the child.

7. Do the good thing!

How many sacrifices do you make to be better for the ovis group? Are you helping your neighbor? Do you donate? Possibly going online? The more ignorant the person's eyes are, the more it will turn into an innocent, kind person.

8. Choose Carefully School and School!

The community has an ubiquitous effect on the child. When choosing a particular institution, try to look for one where you are in a truly affectionate, accepted team. Where you learn more from the others than the bad. It is not an easy task and difficult to grasp. Obviously a perfect group, no class. But one must strive to make the medium more positive.

9. Fuck yourself!

Do you have harmony? Not too tired? Recharge your storage because you need to balance, feed, optimism for your child to be okay. If you are full of positive energy, he will also be more appreciated and balanced.

10. Use caution with the passport, the board games, and social media!

Obviously, it is not possible to completely exclude children from modern-day regulations, but it is worth minimizing (1 hour a day) contact with these children, but most importantly, we should carefully consider what they can see and what they can play. (You'll find plenty of info on the fire here.) Try not to meet your child with characters you don't want them to identify with. Many times - from the age of 5 to the age of one - children cannot even separate the story from the story. In this spirit, it is worth choosing the tales to watch. It is also worth talking with her about her talents, so that she can interpret and decide the real world of fantasy. It is worth keeping away from Facebook as much as possible. It is still possible to change your social media landscape. There is a stricter approach to fire. According to Tamás Vekerdy, a child psychologist, the child should not see his or her child until school, as the child is only the brain of mental rubber bone, the raw material of which the child is aggressive. squeezes your neck.The following articles are also related to our topic:
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