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Your child may benefit from antibiotics

It increases the risk of early obesity in childhood - especially before the age of 2 - taking antibiotics. These little ones are 25 percent more likely to die from a few years.

If the baby is sick

At least two or three times, children under 2 years of age have undergone an antiobiotic treatment, and the risk of obesity is significantly higher. Therefore, professionals should call upon the pediatrician to prescribe the antibiotic only when warranted.
"Cattle have been using antibiotics for a long time to gain the animal, and our research proves that the drug has an effect similar to that of the human body. This is not to say that unnecessary use of antibiotics is unnecessary - says research leaders Dr. Frank Irving Scott.
According to the expert, the problem is that it is antibiotics significantly change the microbiome of the intestine, therefore, obsession with man and animal is one of the possible and common consequences.
In addition to obesity, antibiotics can cause other problems: many people with dermatological, allergic and infectious complications because of their visit to the doctor with their children after one round.
Currently, 49 million cases of antibiotics are prescribed to small children every year in the United States. Of these, it is estimated that in at least 10 million cases, antibiotics are not the only solution, as the body may be overburdened by the drug.
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