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Germany tightens law on vaccination

Germany tightens law on vaccination

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Germany's health minister, Hermann Gröhe, said in an interview with Bild that he had recently turned out to be a turning point and that he would not be left without his death.

Germany tightens law on vaccination

You cannot go to a public school in Germany for a child unless you have received all compulsory protection. Parents can count up to € 2,500 in cash due to an inaccurate vaccine, according to йvben. According to the Robert Koch Institute, by mid-April, 410 people had been referred to a doctor for a bend, compared to only 325 in 2016. Germans ask the school to report if a parent does not show their child's vaccine book. If the parent cannot prove that the child has received the compulsory vaccinations, then you can't take it to public. In addition, the parents wanted to They can be fined up to 2500 euros.
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